Pilipinas Kay Ganda….duh?



The Philippine Department of Tourism is changing the Tourism Tagline of our dear country. For years now (since the time of former DOT Secretary Richard Gordon) Wow Philippines has created the interest of many tourists worldwide as surely the Philippines has a lot of Wow offers.  The Tourism Department under new Secretary Alberto Lim will introduce the tagline “Pilipinas Kay Ganda” (Philippines so Beautiful) in all tourism related Marketing and PR endeavors.

They claimed that many foreigners have lauded the new slogan which is the opposite of how Filipinos feel which mostly are not receptive of this idea (this blogger included)!.  They said the result of the research made since July show that many foreigners know Pilipinas than Philippines including Europe which knows the country as the only Latin country in Asia.

That being said plus the very well known fact that the country is indeed beautiful, they don’t see any more appropriate brand to tag our country than Pilipinas Kay Ganda.

Well I generally don’t oppose using Filipino term as I believe our language is unique. However, we are talking about international initiatives to lure tourists. The government claimed that in terms of budget and avenues to promote visuals, we cannot compete with Malaysia and Thailand as they have very good materials that has been repeatedly shown in various forms. Check.

So if we are already disadvantaged by lack of budget for tourism promotions, then it will surely create a lesser impact if we have to change the brand which may be quite difficult for a foreigner to remember or pronounce?  Shouldn’t we just utilize existing meager budget to promote this brand “Wow Philippines” which I can say has been quite popular and has been existent for many years.

Launching a new brand in the market must entail a lot of budget, hard work and initiatives to become well known and trusted by consumers. Having said this, the government must shove huge sum of monies to promote the country globally.  My worry is that if a new government comes in and dislike the Pilipinas Kay Ganda tagline as well as rolled-out plans to promote this brand, then they have to change and start all over again.

Though Pilipinas Kay Ganda sounds unique, it doesn’t have as much impact and international appeal as Wow Philippines or taglines of other countries. Pilipinas Kay Ganda is almost similar to Umagang Kay Ganda (the morning show on ABS-CBN).  Hope it’s not ABS who suggested that tagline…hmm…

Just for the purpose of comparison, below are the various taglines of countries/cities  in terms of their Tourism Initiatives. Judge for yourself if Pilipinas Kay Ganda can compete.

Incredible India
Amazing Thailand
Malaysia Truly Asia (or now called 1 Malaysia???)
Uniquely Singapore
El Salvador Impressive!
Discover Peru
Brazil Sensational!
I heart New York
Maldives Sunny side of life

We need not say more that our country is a real beauty. I’ve been to many parts of the Philippines and each destination I’ve been to has a unique thing/attraction to offer. Let’s just hope we are able to showcase to the world (and that they will remember) the Philippine brand of natural beauty and hospitality.



3 thoughts on “Pilipinas Kay Ganda….duh?

  1. i heard nga din na binasura na to ni Noy. Saka parang hawig daw sa logo ng Poland. Parang minadali yung pagkakagawa. I hope they can come up with something more creative, something more appealing kasi that’s what our country needs now… more positive image despite many negative issues / news. Pero para sakin, maganda pa din talaga ang Pilipinas. kulang lang sa ayos minsan.. 🙂

  2. Pilipinas Kay Ganda : falls short of the entertainment value of dora the explorer.

    “”….a country’s brand is about highlighting the attributes that differentiate it from other nations. But the points of difference must be relevant, distinctive and believable.”” –tourism sec LIM

    I say–it is relevant but naive. distinctive but forgettable, and completely not believable because it’s poorly made!!!

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