Refreshed in Rayong

Me and my team has been planning to have another trip for quite sometime now. But due to many projects and schedule conflict, it was delayed for few months. They used to tell me that there is a place in Rayong Province that you can have Fruit Buffet where you can eat almost all tropical fruits you can think of so I became very interested.

The place is called Suphattra Land (website: It is a huge Fruit Orchard where you can enjoy and eat all you can Durian, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Banana, Mango, Papaya, Star Fruit, Longan, Pineapple, Grapes, Rose Apple, Coconut, Olives, Pomelo, Santol, Dragon Fruit, surely the list is long that I forget the other fruits.

May to July is the best time to visit this area as it is the fruit season in Thailand. During the time we visit, Mangosteen, Santol, Dragon Fruit and other popular fruits are still not ripe and in season. Entrance fee is THB 200 (Thai) and THB 350 (non-Thai). For this price, it is good enough as you get to eat fresh, sweet and juicy fruits.

They also sell these fruits at a price cheaper by at least 20 Baht per kilo compared to Bangkok.

After the fruit buffet, we headed to Rayong beach to check-in our hotel. As there was a heavy downpour (which is unexpected as it is still summer season) along the way from Chonburi to Rayong our trip was a bit delayed. We arrived in the hotel almost 5pm.

We stayed at Nice Beach Hotel, a 3 Star Hotel which is just across the beach road and few meters away from the beach. There is nothing fancy about the hotel and the room amenities and hotel facilities are very standard. But for the price we paid (around THB 714++ per night with Breakfast for 2 persons) it is not bad. Anyway, we stayed in the hotel less than 1 day.

We just rest for a while and after freshening up, we prepared ourselves for a hearty Seafood dinner in one of the popular restaurants along the beach, Jojo Seafood Restaurant. The food is great (and spicy too!) but not expensive as we ordered quite a lot (around 8 dishes) for over 10 persons but only paid THB 3,000 including few rounds of soft drinks and beer.

The next day, we checked out early around 10 am. First stop for the day is in Ban Phe market to buy some food and souvenirs for colleague and friends.  After too much shopping, we headed to Pattaya to visit Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

I was there about 2 years ago with former Philippine colleagues. But now, since I bought my own DSLR camera, the pics are better. Entrance fee is THB 100 per person (Thai) and THB 400 (Non-Thai).

When we arrived in the garden there was a heavy rain so we decided to wait for it to stop and just take the tram ride which costs about THB 50.00 per person. Personally I think walking along the garden is better as there is proper walk way. However, taking the tram ride is also another way to experience the garden (with Driver/Guide even! Unfortunately he only speaks Thai).

Had good snapshots of the well-manicured landscapes of Nong Nooch.

After the visit, we had late lunch in a local restaurant along the highway before heading back to Bangkok.

Koh Samed which is also in Rayong Province is actually more popular than the areas we’ve visited. However, it is sometimes good to take the road less traveled to experience a different environment not to mention make our tummy full!