Funny TV Commercials (Part 2)

I first posted a set of funny TV commercials of the world in Year 2009. It’s about time to update the list of the funniest TV commercials I saw either in the boob tube or YouTube.

So here are the 2nd Honor Roll (not necessarily in order of level of humor)

1. Cafe Nature Gift (Thailand)-

2. Oishi Slim Green Tea Commercial (Thailand)-

3. Pepsi Pinas (Sa akin ang Pinas FULL Version) (Philippines)-

4. Biolink VCO Hot Oil (Philippines)-

Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is the first year that we are celebrating the birthday of my dad (Sixto “Tito”Asuncion)…without him physically present.
As I had mentioned in previous posts, he died of Cancer last February. Had he been alive, he could have celebrated his 73rd Birthday today.

Every time I see his pictures I will suddenly realize I am still in denial that he is no longer with us. For He had always been there in all aspects of our lives.

I can still vividly remember that when we were young and it’s examination period, he would patiently spend time with each of us kids to review the lessons and have question and answer sessions just to make sure we will pass and have high marks in our tests which definitely molded us and made it our habit to study harder even until college.
He is a firm believer that education is the best inheritance a parent could give their children. I know it is a tough job to raise 5 children, more so give them quality education which he is able to do single-handedly since he is the sole bread winner in our family, my mom being a plain housewife ever since having children.

My dad is not the authoritarian type but we are also scared of him in many aspects especially during issuance of school report card. He would usually pick-up the cards in school and so when we know he is coming, we will be worried if our grades are good enough up to his satisfaction. Fortunately, in most cases we have high grades but he would always remind us not to be complacent.

He wanted me to become a doctor since he was a frustrated doctor by profession (believe he was studying medicine proper when he had to stop due to reasons I can’t exactly remember why). That’s why he really wanted one of his children to have fruition of this dream. He would always tell me to try Medicine in college because I am patient and he is confident I can finish long years of studying and reviewing and wanted me to try taking exams in PLM or UP.

I had this ambition too till 4th year high school but just before graduation I started realizing it could be hard and not practical firstly because it would also need a lot of resources to finish a medical course. During that time me and 3 other siblings were still studying so I thought it will be very difficult financially speaking.
Secondly, I had been studying since I was 4 years old so I also had a feeling of tiredness because of studying since young. Pursuing a course that would take longer years to finish could aggravate this feeling.
At the end, even if I did not become a Doctor I know I made my parents especially my Dad proud since I also had some achievements during college and be able to have a good career.

Papa (which is how we dearly call him) is generous and thoughtful. I remember my sister Princess as a young girl is used to seeing cake in the dining table during her birthdays. In one of her birthday, my dad failed to buy a cake on time. She started crying very loud and is not willing to stop unless she can have her birthday cake. Papa still tired coming home from work had to go out again and buy her a birthday cake even though the nearest bakeshop is very far from our home then.

My mom would always receive gifts from Papa during her birthdays. She would sometimes receive either a perfume, blouse, bouquet of flowers or even orchid plants (since my mom love to plant trees and flowers in our garden).

Papa’s generosity and thoughtfulness is not only for his immediate family. He makes it a point to greet and visit relatives during birthdays or special occasions. He would lovingly dedicate songs or greetings through a local radio station that he and mom would always listen to during weekends. Suppose it is my aunt’s birthday she would call the radio station to request my aunt’s favorite song then followed by a birthday message. Next, he would call my aunt to remind her to listen to the radio that instant. Upon hearing the song and dedication, naturally my aunt will be surprised by the gesture and will be very thankful.

He also loves his grand children so much. Every afternoon, he would take them out for a walk in our village from the time they were babies until the time they can walk. Our neighbors would always compliment him that he loves the children so much and very proud of them which he would confirm by saying his grand children are not only kind but also smart and all good looking so there is no reason not to be proud of them. I heard a story from my sister that even on his sick bed, he reminded them to buy my nephew’s favorite toy car as his surprise gift as soon as he goes out of that hospital.

I am sure many people misses these thoughts and gestures from my dad. There are countless memories to tell but it will be such a long post and words cannot describe exactly the feeling just reminiscing these events since we were young.

But I am certain he is in a happier state now with our Lord.

Happy Birthday Papa. We truly miss and love you.

Puppy hanged in a clothesline

The news I saw in Internet TV last June 12 about a puppy being hanged in a clothesline by its owner is disturbing. The teenager named Jerzon Senador took pictures of his puppy helplessly floating in air being saved from a free fall only by 5 pcs of clothes pin attached to the back of the pup and hanging in a clothesline.

At first, this guy was quite adamant and doesn’t feel sorry for his deed and feel it is just his way of expressing fun because he was bored. Even said he put his pet in the washing machine too.

But later on he said sorry in public and that it will never happen again.

Now, there are several profiles created in Facebook some supposedly by Jerzon posers and others simply just to show their indignation about his cruel act.

Cruelty to animal has been very rampant lately. Just last April, a UP student JC Candare was in the news for deliberately killing a cat inside the school campus in 2009 because of his supposed “internal hatred” to cats. This hatred is aggravated every time he sees a live one so on that fateful day, he wrestled the poor thing to death.

After posting the incident in his blog, hate messages flooded his Multiply account and the news spread like wildfire in all media.

He also said sorry but was charged with animal cruelty, got fined a small amount and required to do volunteer works in Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

I hope our legislators would do something to make stricter laws or heftier fines for people charged of animal cruelty. Like humans, animals have life and created by God and they truly deserve a better life either in the wild or our homes (for domesticated animals as pets).

I just can’t help but think how some people can do really terrible things to other creatures… Look how cute and innocent this puppy is…