My Mini World (Miniature Photography)

My friend Juvy introduced me to this nice and cute concept of Miniature Photography. It is a style wherein the photographs look like a miniature model of a building, popular spot or just about any random object. Miniature photography can be made directly when you shoot or manipulate a normal photograph to make it look small by using Photoshop.

I haven’t explored how to do it using camera but I searched Mr. Google and was able to know the tricks when doing it via Photoshop.

I am sharing some of my shots converted into Miniature objects. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

Isn’t it nice to see real pictures look like scenery from a mini-world?


11 thoughts on “My Mini World (Miniature Photography)

  1. You are good – loveettt Franz.
    Its not just knowing the menus to do the miniature – but rather an art.
    great job my friend.. soon i should finally start the weekender blog hahahaha.

    1. thanks for visiting my blog once again Yvonne. Yeah this miniature thing is quite addicting. It’s just fascinating to see the photos I’ve taken to look like a mini-world.
      Sure you have to start blogging my friend. You have many things to share. I’m sure your wisdom will be useful to many ppl including me.

      1. You are simply too kind to me Franz – it means a lot.. You will be the first one to know :). Aquarians are simply amazing ppl with their distinctive character and unorthodox ways in almost any situation. Heard you will be meeting with Rhea & Tin.. Enjoy.. just share me the pics.. miss you all

  2. some of my screen themes are this miniature photography!!!
    each time my friend see them, they will ask if it’s model.
    i know it’s real.
    this photography is so interesting.
    Menty.Yu (

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