Eksena sa Airport

A guy was using free internet in the airport from a computer in a designated area. He checked his Facebook account and replied to 3 messages from friends and relatives while waiting for his flight. There were 3 computers working in that area for use of passengers. Almost 5 minutes of using the computer a lady shouted at the top of her lungs.

“When are gonna finish? Stupid!”

The guy though the lady was fighting with someone on the phone so he didn’t look around instantly. But he realized some people are looking at him so he turned back and learned that the lady was screaming at him. When he faced the lady who was a 40 something Chinese, the lady shouted again.

“You stupid deaf. Be considerate to others”
“Why are you shouting?  I was here for barely 5 minutes. The guy shouted back.
“You are only checking Facebook, stupid!”
“So what if I’m checking my Facebook!”
“You are stupid deaf!”
 At that point the guy was totally pissed off and pointed his finger at the face of the lady.
“Hey you stupid, you don’t have the right to shout at me. You’re not even a Filipina and yet you’re acting like you own this airport!”
“Because you’re stupid deaf!”
“You could have politely told me that you have an emergency and need to check internet urgently”
“Because you’re deaf! Stupid”

A lot of people are witnessing the commotion and the guy was so mad at the behavior of the lady so he told everyone looking “This lady is crazy!”
“I’m not crazy, you are stupid. Be considerate to others and at least be a gentleman”
“Ok fuck off! You may use this computer and Go to hell!”
“Ok, fuck yourself off in the toilet!”

It happened very quickly, less than 1 minute. And the guy in the scene was ME!

I had checked in at NAIA Terminal 2 Airport for my flight back to Bangkok. I had a brief 1 week stay in Manila for training cum holiday. While killing time, I drank coffee and decided to check my Facebook for I had not checked it for almost 1 week and I believe some of my friends in Bangkok communicated with me via FB for some important messages or “bilin”, so I had to know if there are some more messages. I had a laptop and smartphone but I cannot access the wi fi so I decided to walk to the nearby computer kiosk which offers free internet. There were about 8 terminals but only 3 were working at that time. The leftmost computer was free so I decided to use it and the 2 others were used by a foreigner and another Filipino.

I opened my FB (actually had a hard time opening it because the connection was slow) and saw a handful of messages and comments from my friends and relatives. I was only able to reply to 3 messages when suddenly the lady was screaming at me only because I was checking my FB account!

And since when did checking FB in the airport become prohibited? And is checking FB make you an inconsiderate person and not a gentleman and only doing nonsense? I personally don’t think so.

As I mentioned, many of my friends or even relatives message me in FB just to communicate especially when overseas. Firstly, because it’s free. Second because it is direct and fast and you can do it on the computer or even on phone, literally almost anywhere. Doing so I believe doesn’t make a person less worthy.

I didn’t expect that I would be humiliated in the airport. Worse, she was a foreigner. I assumed she was a Hong Kong Chinese because there was a flight bound to Hong Kong almost the same as my flight time and her English is not bad.

Normally, I don’t fight in public and a woman (more so, an old lady!) at that. But her behavior and the way she is treating and saying cuss words to someone she barely know is unacceptable. And as a Filipino, I had to stand up and not let someone act like she is the boss and I’m her servant.

An educated person would just tell the person in front, excuse me can you let me use the computer. I have an urgency. You don’t tell someone he is stupid just because he is using Facebook. Besides, most of the computer terminals in the airports can only be used by 1 person at a short period of time because usually there are queue and to avoid it, they have to limit usage per person. Plus, I didn’t intend to use the computer for a long period because it is not convenient to do it while carrying some heavy hand carried luggage and the whole world seeing what you are doing because the computer was so exposed.

I was so mad my face down to my neck was hot and red. I went straight to the toilet after the incident and washed my face to cool off.  Then I took a seat and prayed to calm down. I prayed to God and said sorry to Him for my behaviour few minutes ago shouting back at someone  and telling her to go to hell. ” After praying, I felt better.

After the incident I had a reflection. I didn’t say sorry to that lady cos I believe I didn’t do anything wrong to deserve being shouted at. I also believe you should not tell someone he or she is stupid if he is just a random person. You don’t know his family background, education or his capacity in life.

I realized money can’t really buy breeding. The lady proved it once and for all. She looked dignified but her action reflected arrogance.  I just really hope she doesn’t have a Filipina helper (or any nationality at that) cos it will be such a pity for someone to have a boss like her. She treated someone like he/she is the lowest animal and don’t deserve respect.

It was the first time I pointed finger in someone’s face and honestly it felt good. I know it is not right to do it to someone but I believe she deserved it. Maybe it was also the first time that someone pointed finger in her face and after I did it, she was silent for a few seconds. Maybe she realized I am not someone who will just be shocked and moved away not trying to fight my rights.

I may not be able to see her again and I hope I really won’t. I also pray if she has a son or daughter, they will not experience the same thing that she just did to me from a total stranger while they are traveling.

I can’t help but think if her behaviour is one of the results of being too obsessed with money. I suddenly remembered Yue Yue, the 2 year old who died in a horrible accident and many people who witnessed seemed not to care.

Is society really decaying?