Manny Pacquiao ruled ’em all again…

Yesterday is V day for Manny Pacquiao and the Filipinos all over the world.  For 8th time, he is a world champion ruling 8 different weight division by defeating Mexican, Antonio Margarito in 12 rounds via a unanimous decision in a spectacular fight amidst a full packed crowd in the Cowboys Stadium.

By body statistics, Margarito seems to be on the advantage. He stands 5’11 against Manny who is only 5’6. Margarito weighs 150 lbs on the last weigh in a day before the fight while Pacquiao is only 144.6 lbs. Margarito has a wider reach at 73″ vs. Pacquiao at 67″.

However, in terms of speed and agility, Pacquiao is definitely the better fighter as he literally danced his way in the ring to avoid Margarito cornering him except in one round wherein Pacquiao said he was hit on the  side of his body by Margarito when he was cornered on the ropes.

The cameras clearly see the battered face of the Mexican fighters. Many analyst believed the match should’ve been stopped since Round 10.  Pacquiao acknowledged that Margarito is a very determined and durable fighter and did not quit until the last round.

For this fight, Pacquiao is reportedly taking home a big purse within the range of USD 20 Million (including pay per view sales) or over 800 million pesos. Deducting taxes or whatever necessary dues, his take home pay is still a huge sum of money which most of us will not earn in a lifetime. Whew!

Above it all, Manny is taking home the pride and honor of once again putting the Philippines at the top of the world with his latest success in Boxing and this makes him the most popular Filipino nowadays and is well-loved and idolized by millions of fans.

We’re not sure how long Manny could still be able to cope with the very demanding task of defending his crown and how many more fighters he is willing to face. I guess Manny need not prove more cos he already proved to be one of the best if not the best Filipino boxer of all time.

Otherwise, we could see Mommy Dionesia more often fainting due to nervousness watching each of Manny’s fight which is also not a good idea.

Manny, Congratulations and keep it up! The Filipino people are all proud of you.

Manny Pacquaio ruled em’ all…

Manny Pacquiao defeats Miguel Cotto (AP Photo by Mark J. Terrill)


Today, November 15, 2009- Manny Pacquiao made history by capturing his 7th world title belt in 7 different weight division in a very exciting if not nerve-wracking 12 round match vs. Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico in MGM Grand Arean, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquaio’s sheer speed and determination is his best defense against Cotto whom Manny acknowledged to be a tough boxer. Referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight 55 seconds of the 12th round which many observers think should have been stopped earlier.

Cotto admitted that he fought hard but Manny is one of the best of all time.

In the Philippines, everyone is in euphoria upon learning of Manny’s victory. Many Filipinos in every corners of the world called their family back home to bring the good news, me included. It was really not a surprise but such a disappointment to hear and to learn that in most part of the world they know the result of the fight already because of live telecasts in their country or through the internet but many Filipinos who only rely on local TV, they heard about it or are able to watch the fight the last because of the very very late telecast of GMA-7 due to tons of commercial gaps. Talk about commercialism to the max!

Because of the win, everyone expects Pacquiao to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Of course, it is inevitable as their match-up is long overdue. Even Manny’s trainer-coach, Freddie Roach said,  since the whole world wants to see Manny fight Mayweather it is..

The fight will add minimum USD 13 million (approx. PHP 607 million) to Pacquiao’s purse while Cotto reportedly gets USD 7 million (approx. PHP 326 million).  More importantly, I hope the win will bring Manny a bit more respect from the boxing world cos even how hard he tries to prove he is a great athlete, still many boxers are trying to belittle him or still considers all his victory caused by sheer luck.

Once again, Manny was able to literally stop the Philippines for a day where many people decided to stay at home and glue themselves in front of the Television. For sure crime rate will almost be zero as what past Pacquiao fights proved to be– “an instant crime buster” that is.

I’m sure Mommy Dionesia prayed hard and called all the Saints for help before and during the fight as well as danced joyfully upon seeing her son dominate his Puerto Rican opponent..

Indeed Manny ruled em’ all.

Manny Pacquiao in Time Magazine

Manny Pacquiao in Time Magazine

Manny Pacquiao is hugging the headlines ones again..this time in the cover of the prestigious Time Magazine Asia Edition in a full article entitled, “The Meaning of Manny Pacquiao”. As an athlete, Manny has really gone a long way. From the very skinny lad doing rounds in local boxing in his hometown and many other places thereafter claiming title after title and raking money beyond what his coffers can handle. Indeed, Manny is an icon in the boxing world and is up to even more with his attempt to claim a 7th world title in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas this November 14 (November 15th in Manila) against Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto.

Of course his road to success is not easy..he has gone through a lot. Physically for that matter. He has fought many weight classes and has to endure big punches from equally capable opponents. At the end, he is victorious and has been the pride of the Filipino people ever since. He tried his luck in politics as well but to no avail. For many of his fans, he is better of as a boxer than as a politics. For sure he wants to help many but helping them can be in another form and not necessarily having to test his feet in the dirty waters of politics.  Being an inspiration to many by excelling into spots and avoiding drugs or other vices is good enough contribution.

He is the 2nd Filipino to be in the cover of Time Magazine, the first being the late President Corazon Aquino then feted as “Woman of the Year”. Time said he is a demigod in the Philippines with his myth of origin similar to a Greek or Roman hero. This may be true. Only he can literally stop not only the traffic in the Philippines but the crimes as well during his fights. It is always reported that whenever Manny fights in the ring, the crime rate is almost zero in most parts of the Philippines.  He may be the Achilles of modern times. Only thing is that we hope his opponents will not discover his Achilles’ heels.

Manny truly deserve this accolade and we pray for his success in his forthcoming fight as well as the hope that success will not change his humble ways. For us, that’s the true meaning of Manny.

Update: I have been visiting several bookstores and news stands here in Bangkok trying to get a copy of the Time Magazine Asia Edition with Manny on the cover. However, I can only see the one with Hillary Clinton on it although the full article of Manny is still inside the pages of the mag..Could have added it to my personal magazine collection. Not that I am disappointed to see Hillary on the cover cos she is such a powerful and respected figure but I was expecting to at least see  a copy of the mag with Manny on the cover..of course as a Filipino it is my pride to see him on the cover of the prestigious mag..

My workout songs

Gym workout
Gym workout


Listening to an upbeat music is inevitable for me now especially during my gym session because the music being played in my gym is not too good and seems like a broken music player because it has been like that for ages. Moreover, a good song motivates me to move faster and finish the session in cardio machine which at times I get bored easily.

I have listed down my favorite workout songs. If you know some other good songs, please feel free to suggest so I can consider for my next gym session..

1.) Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
2.) Can you hear me- Enrique Iglesias
3.) Elevation- U2
4.) Get Busy- Sean Paul
5.) I know you want me (Calle Ocho)- Pitbull
6.) In the end- Linkin Park
7.) Krazy- Pitbull feat. Lil Jon
8.) Let me blow ya mind- Eve/Gwen Stefani
9.) Temperature- Sean Paul
10.) Numb- Linkin Park
11.) Poker Face- Lady Gaga
12.) So What- Pink
13.) Tokyo Drift (Fast and the Furious soundtrack)- Terikayi Boyz
14.) You’re gonna go far, Kid- The Offspring
15.) 4 Minutes (to save the world)- Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
16.) Lose yourself- Eminem
17.) Watch Dem Roll- Sean Paul
18.) My Love- Justin Timberlake feat. T.I.

Manny Pacquiao in Bangkok

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva yesterday praised boxing superstar Manny ”Pacman” Pacquiao for being an inspiration to children in Southeast Asia.

”He helps promote Asean’s reputation,” the prime minister said after a meeting with the Filipino at Government House. ”He is a good example for children in the region and inspires them to take up boxing.”

Manny Pacquiao and PM Abhisit

Pacquiao gave Mr Abhisit a replica world championship belt and a pair of signed boxing gloves. ”I hope he does not think we are in parliament,” Mr Abhisit joked with Tourism and Sports Minister Chumpol Silpa-archa.

He was referring to a recent House session during which a government MP and an opposition member had a quarrel which almost led to a fist fight.

Mr Abhisit gave Pacquiao a basket of fruit of lychees, rambutans and oranges, and a framed picture.

Mr Abhisit and Pacquiao, the first Asian boxer to have won five world titles in five different divisions, could meet again in the political arena in the future.

Pacquiao is widely known to have ambitions to become a politician _ he was defeated as a candidate in a congressional election in 2007.

However, at a press conference yesterday he deftly side-stepped a jab about politics.

Asked if he wanted to become the president of his country, he said: ”I don’t think about it at the moment.

”Now I only focus on boxing. I will think about politics later.”

Pacquiao displayed the hallmarks of a politician when he praised Thailand during the news conference.

”I always dedicate my fights to my country,” said Pacquiao who was recently appointed an ”ambassador for peace” by Philippine President Gloria Arroyo. ”But I know that many Thais follow my fights. I am honoured that they consider my victories as theirs. I hope to be able to continue to make Thais proud.

”I also hope that this trip will help inspire Thai youth to take up sports and become the next generation of champions from Southeast Asia.”

Source: Bangkok Post

If I were Manny Pacquiao…

Disclaimer: The list you are about to see is a hypothetical and wild (but I believe is sensible) idea how I can spend PHP 576 million I just won if I were Manny Pacquiao:

If I were Manny Pacquiao….

1.) I will donate money to build a big airport in Manila. Infrastructure is the most essential tool to a country’s development. Our International airport is dilapidated and definitely cannot compete with most airports in Asia like Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok, Changi in Singapore, Chep Lap Kok Airport in Hong Kong. It desperately need a face lift or a total make over. Tourism and other industries will benefit and will generate millions of Pesos in receipts. Does Manny Pacquiao International Airport or maybe Jinky Pacquiao International Airport sound appealing to you? Lol.

2.) I will donate money to build a subway train in Metro Manila. Metro Manila is too populated, streets are jammed, mass transport is packed even during supposedly lax hour. What we need is a ultra modern, state of the art subway train system to address the ever growing need for mass transport of the Metro. Why a subway, we already have the MRT and LRT anyway? All major cities of the world have subway trains. They built subway not sky trains because they can maximize the space or roads where the subway line passes by. Of course it would build humongous traffic jam during the construction but we can all see the positive effect once it’s completed.

3.) I will help Build a large Stadium (similar or even better than the Bird’s Nest in Beijing) and a Centre for Sports Development focusing on various sports discipline (not only Boxing and Basketball!). Manny is a sportsman and will always be a sportsman. Building a large sporting facility would not only give credibility and recognition to Philippines as a major sporting destination (as we can host a big sporting event) but having a Centre for Sports Development would ensure we can build a nation of world-class athletes. It would mean our youth will have sports as a hobby and not think of drugs, alcohol, sex and other vices as their past time.

4.) I will donate money to help preserve our country’s Natural attractions
such as the Banaue Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills, Mt. Apo- these natural wonders may not be seen by our children and their children’s children if we don’t do anything to preserve it. Preserving it need some financial assistance which unfortunately, our Government cannot fully give and would need private institutions to sustain the conservation projects.

5.) I will buy big lands to turn into rice fields, animal farms, fruit plantations and sell it in the market at highly subsidized price
– Not only will converting idle lands into these highly productive areas bring thousands of jobs to Filipino people, but by doing so it will help eradicate food shortage in our country. We will be a self-sustaining nation and can bring more income to the country’s coffers if we export these products once our production is over the demand.

You may say why most of the above suggestions are about donating or helping to support various activities considering Manny Pacquiao is a private individual, not a Politician even. But as a public figure idolized by millions, I think Manny has a social responsibility to fulfill. He doesn’t have to be a politician to fulfill these social obligations but by being the same humble but highly disciplined athlete that he is, he can help make our country a better Philippines..

On a separate note, as a normal human being– I have material desires as well….so if I were Manny Pacquiao, I will buy my own private jet to take me and my family to the best places in the world during my training break.

Magnificent Manny (and huge sum of Money for him as well)

The nation definitely has not gone over the Manny Pacquiao Mania.  Yesterday- May 04, 2009 firmly etched Manny Pacquiao’s name as a legend in boxing with the 2nd Round knockout of Ricky Hatton, arguably Britain’s hottest and most prolific boxer these days in the highly anticipated East meets West boxing match in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Manny, outside the ring remains the shy and silent man most Filipinos idolized for sometime now. But inside the ring, Manny is just so spectacular landing powerful punches just in the right place and the right time. Ricky Hatton looked like a sickly boy laying in the cold canvass while Manny jubilantly smiled to the thousands of fans in attendance and give warm hugs to those who congratulated him in the ring.

It was reported that for this fight (the biggest in his career so far), he was guaranteed a purse of USD 12 Million (PHP 576 Million) , win or lose. Interestingly, If they calcuated it based on per second earning from total time spent fighting in the ring, Manny earned PHP 16 Million per second, an amount many Filipinos will not earn in their lifetime. If they calculated it on a per punch landed, he raked in USD 164,000 per punch out of the 73 punches landed.

Wow, I never thought someone’s punch could be as worthy as that! If they can only pay the same for every punch landing on my face, I don’t mind taking 73 punches! Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

Because of this win, everyone is asking, who’s next for Manny. He confidently say he can fight anybody..(maybe except Jinky- pun intended. he he he!)

RP share close 1.6% higher, is it because of the feverish effect of Manny’s win? I hope our economy would be as exciting as the fight.

The slight disappointment though is that the fight didn’t last as long as everyone expected. My trip to a friend’s house to watch the PPV match is literally longer than the whole match of Pacquiao vs. Hatton. I took a taxi ride for more than 30 minutes. The fight was finished in 2 minutes, 59 seconds!

At any rate, Manny definitely brought pride and joy to the Filipino people! Congratulations and keep it up!