Invisible plane of the future?

Imagine yourself on a are passing through the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands…but you don’t have to look at the aircraft’s windows to admire the beauty. Just look down below your feet and the beach underneath seems almost within reach…this is what riding the aircraft of the future would look and feel like.

This morning  I received an interesting e-mail about Airbus revealing ideas on the plane of the future.

The concept plane will be designed to have its fuselage (the aircraft’s main body) be made of high tech ceramic skin to become see-through or sort of “invisible” when an electrical pulse is generated by the captain.

This design would allow passengers to look at the skies above or the beauty of the landscapes and surroundings below while on flight. Researchers in Airbus said the sensation would be like floating unassisted through the sky.

It’s really amazing how new design and technology can change the future and how we do or experience things.

When Airbus launched the A380, a double decked, wide bodied aircraft that can carry up to 555 passengers, many people got excited to experience how it is to fly such a jumbo aircraft. Last year when Emirates Airlines included Dubai-Bangkok and v.v. route using the A380, it was a full-packed flight considering the cost of ticket is not cheap.

I guess it will not take too long before these “Invisible planes” go up in the sky. It’s like doing Island Hopping in a glass bottom boat wherein you don’t need to wear a diving suit to appreciate the beauty under the sea.

So move over, Wonder Woman. Soon, millions of people will get to experience what it is like to ride an Invisible plane.

But wait, how can people who have acrophobia (like me!) be able to spend even an hour’s flight in this so-called invisible air crafts?


Full story about the “Invisible plane” in this article

Ask me anything…

My friends posted something in their Facebook giving their friends the opportunity to ask them anything random either anonymous or their profile known (if they are registered). The website providing this service is called Formspring.

I got curious and find it amusing to be able to ask someone anything. In addition, you get to know them more with the way they answer questions..usual questions I see are from funny or cute to personal or naughty questions and even question about politics or business..the list goes on and on..

So anyone out there…I’m giving you the opportunity to ask me questions…I will try to answer as boldly as possible (if it is not damaging to my so-called

Here is the link to my formspring:

Ask me anything…

Are you a Facebook Addict?

Computer Addiction

Yesterday I got a very interesting and funny e-mail from my friend Gly. The e-mail has a title “Are you a Facebook addict?”

It is actually an article posted in Yahoo! News (Philippines) about the signs of Facebook addiction.  In summary here are the signs of Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) and my response…. Whoa, they even have a term for this kind of disorder now. Seems many people are categorized into this group.

1. You lose sleep over Facebook. When using Facebook becomes a compulsion and you spend entire nights logged on to the site, causing you to become tired the next day.

Check. I have this syndrome when I just started using Facebook last May and got hooked up in Farm Town (the first App that I spend most of my time with).  If you track back my old post about Farm Town addiction, you would know what I am talking about. Luckily, I got over it now.

2. You spend more than an hour a day on Facebook. Lipari said it is difficult to define how much is too much when it comes to Facebook usage, but that an average person need only spend half an hour on the site.

Check. I guess majority of the people using Facebook spend more than 1 hour in this site. Of course  you have to consider the number of friends in your profile so if you have many, then more or less you spend time checking their profile, activities, pictures, etc. Internet connection is also a factor. I spend longer time because my internet connection is as fast as a speeding bullet (or should I say an overworked snail!).

3. You become obsessed with old loves or exes you reconnect with on Facebook.


4. You ignore work in favor of Facebook. This means you do not do your job in order to sneak time on Facebook.

A big no no…my friends can attest to it. If I am busy at work, I am busy at work and they dare not disturb.

5. The thought of getting off Facebook leaves you in cold sweat. If you try going a day without Facebook and it causes you stress and anxiety, this means you need help.

I guess this is a terrible sign of addiction. No, I don’t feel stressed or anxious if I cannot visit Facebook. Of course, sometimes you worry your crop may wither or whatever things you need to do in Facebook but what the heck, even if it withers or other Mafia’s attacked you big time, it doesn’t cost you real money or physical injuries  so why be so bothered.

So in general, I got 2 out of 5..maybe possesses a small level of addiction but should not be a cause for alarm or a quick appointment to a shrink.  As what I have said in several of my old posts, this is just a FAD (coincidentally the same acronym for the Facebook disorder) and it will come to pass soon.

Full article is in this link. Please check it and assess your level of Facebook addiction:

The Phenomenon of Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

I have been into Facebook for many months now and what keeps me glued to this social networking site is the fact that it has been a constant source of information about my friends, former colleagues, family and relatives. In fact, during the time of the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) wherein my home got affected and some of our relatives as well, Facebook has been the source of Free and instant communication between me and some of my relatives staying in the US and Canada. Since we cannot contact most of our family members back home, if we get any news or if someone managed to receive any SMS or are able to call any member back home, we just messasge through Facebook.  Really convenient. I even see many people trying to encourage others to extend help or give donations to the victims sent through Facebook. This is a very effective means of communication and conveying our message across the globe.

Another reason why I don’t mind spending late weekday nights and most especially weekend nights even renting computer in a net cafe is because of the very interesting and unique games which is popularly known as “Apps” short for applications. Currently, I am playing Farm Town, Farm Ville, Barn Buddy, Fish World, My City, Restaurant City, Roller Coaster World, Cafe World, Island Paradise and of course Mafia Wars..too many apps for me to be called a real app “addict” you may say. Well yes, I spend at least 2 hours a night just for me to do usual rounds of these games. Apart from going to fitness, I guess this is just my way of getting past my boredom especially since I am living alone and communication back home is limited. Sometimes if I finished work then heading to the gym and taking a quick dinner, either the folks are already sleeping or about to sleep so most of the time, I have been talking to them during weekends. At least this kind of addiction doesn’t do any harm to other people and is quite entertaining if I may say. Only thing is that of course instead of me sleeping longer, I had to cut at least 2 hours of my nightly sleeping time but just like any other fad, I am sure this will come to pass soon.

Actually even I am playing many of these apps, it doesn’t mean I have to visit them all everyday. It’s just a matter of time management and effective scheduling. Ha ha ha! For example, in Farm Town if you plant a crop for 3 days, then you don’t need to visit in the next 3 days until the crops are ready for harvest. Unless you are really hot to gain XP to level up faster then you need to visit neighbors often, work for others etc. But for my case, I am not taking it too seriously and am not in so much of a rush to level up fast. Besides, I have other “more important” things to do on other times of the day. Of course these activities doesn’t have to coincide with work or family affairs for that matter. Well, lucky for me, even I sleep past midnight every day, I don’t feel sleepy or not alert in the office or trying to do something silly because of lack of sleep. I am confident even my boss would read this post can say my work is not affected at all so everything should be ok I guess.. Ha ha ha!

Ok going back to the games..I had been hooked up in Farm Town for quite a long time and in fact the post I made here in my blog about Farm Town has been one of the most popular topics in my blog in terms of searches and visits. Truly, Facebook is a global phenomenon and many people have been trying to get information about these apps thru blogs. Lately, I have been spending more time with Mafia Wars which is one of the most popular if not the most popular app in Facebook. Wikipedia listed that as of October 2009, Mafia Wars have 25.9 million monthly active accounts.  It means, it has even more people using this app than the registered population of the whole city of New York!

But what makes Mafia Wars quite exciting if not interesting considering it is not even an arcade type game? Well for one, you gain power, money and influence every time you accomplish any job or have had successful fights. You can even grow your mafia family every so often.

You can select a character type. You can choose to become a Mogul (which means you earn money faster) or fearless (meaning you can recover energy faster so you can do more jobs) or become a maniac (to recover stamina faster so you fight more often). I actually chose the Mogul character. As of this writing, my cash which I have not deposited in the bank is more than 200 million already and I believe I have over 100 million in the bank which I have deposited earlier. Wow, if those are real money, I can take the place of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates very soon especially with the very fast inflow of money into my coffers.

I continuously am trying to improve my Top Mafia based on their profile and level so every job or fights I take, I can get more Experience Points or money. I am currently at level 60 playing less than a month. So if anyone wants to be part of my Mafia family, please feel free to let me know so we can level up together!

That’s all for now folks…I need to read John Grisham’s The Associate. Really very interesting..cannot drop the book even late at night. As soon as I finished the book, will make a post about it.

Back to Basics




Earlier before I go online, I was trying to tie the shoe laces in my sneakers since I removed it when I cleaned it few weeks ago. I tried doing it the Converse style, meaning parallel style and not criss crossing. Apparently, what should be an easy task which I had been doing since I was a kid became very complicated it actually made me sweat so I had to turn on my air con. A task that should be finished in less than 5 minutes took me more than 15 minutes and I was only able to finish when my friends come to my place. Actually, it was my teen friend who finished the job for me.

This incident actually strucked me. How can an adult like me is not able to do a very simple task which most children could definitely do effortlessly. Is it a sign of aging or stupidity? Am I being an Adult baby? I hope not.

Indeed in this age of modern technology wherein complexity is already a thing of the past since we are able to do most of our tasks as easy as counting 1-2-3 with all those gadgets, tools and even modern processes in business introduced by intelligent gurus.

But even so, it still boils down to one principle– that is being back to the basics no matter how advanced we may be.

I heard of a good story about going back to the basics though I am not sure if this is a true story…This is how the story goes:

The Americans were successful in being able to land in the moon first. However, with this great accomplishment, there is one thing they cannot do in space– that is writing in a space shuttle using a ballpoint pen.

No matter how hard they try the ink won’t simply give them the opportunity to write a single letter. Many years of research and huge amount of money were spent but everything seems futile.

Finally, the Russians did a space exploration and where Americans fail, they succeeded. They were able to write a full note in outer space…

The Americans wondered how come the Russians can do it. They are America, supposedly the greatest and most advanced nation. Later on they found out why the Russians were able to write in outer space…

The Russians used an ordinary wooden pencil..

Signs of being a Farm Town Addict

I had a post earlier where I confessed being a Farm Town Addict. Farm Town as many of us know is the very popular Facebook App wherein you get to build your own farm, plant and harvest fruits and crops and meet and make new friends.

As the fanatics of Farm Town grows day by day, many are saying this is just a fad and the Farm Town fever will die down eventually, perhaps  in a month or two. Well of course there are many peaks and valleys but as they say, savor it while it lasts.

Anyway,  thinking further–in every addiction there are manifestations..some show peculiar behavior while some are playing it cool but their lifestyle is gradually changing. The important point is for us fanatics to know when to stop once we realized we’re too hooked up. If it is doing us more harm than good then there should be no other choice but to drop this hobby like a hot potato.

So you may ask me, what are the signs of being a Farm Town Addict? Let me enumerate as best as I can..this is considering my personal experience and that of my friends and virtual neighbors:

1.) Sleeping late at night and waking up early- By criteria, waking up early is a good sign since we do not have to rush to the office and can relax a little bit or exercise. But Sleeping late at night because one has to plow and plant his/her field or harvest his/her or somebody else’s crops then waking up early in the morning for fear of their crops going to waste because it was not harvested in time is the most common sign of Farm Town Addiction. This manifestation is normally true for neophyte farmers because mostly they are only able to plant grapes seeds which is ready to be harvested in 4 hours time. With such short span of time, you cannot afford to sleep lengthy otherwise, your crops will be dried (like raisins) if not harvested the soonest. As your Farm Town level reaches up, you can plant crops which takes between 1-4 days to harvest. Then it’s alright to sleep longer.

2.) Skip going out of the house or if it is inevitable to go out, stay out for only few hours- I remembered few weeks ago during the early days of my discovery of Farm Town, me and some friends who are into this application, while waiting for the movie to start in about 1.5 hours we remembered our Crops which may be ready to harvest at that time. We were so worried that we are thinking of renting a computer in the mall so that we can harvest our crops before the movie started.

3.) Have many new Facebook friends from all over the world- If you notice some friends who’s friends list is increasing day by day and seem like the United Nations because of various nationalities though you think these people are not know to your friend personally, chances are it is because of Farm Town. For someone to be your Farm Town neighbor, they have to be in your friends list. If they are not, then they cannot hire you often and vice versa unless you are buddies. However, buddies have limited access to your farm so most people prefer to be a neighbor rather than a buddy. So in order for someone to be your neighbor, you have to add them in your friend’s list.

4.) Hearing conversations like:

“I am saving to buy a Mansion”
“I have no more money I just buy a big lot”
” Pls. give me an Apple or a Coconut Tree”
“I got booted out”

One of my friend told me that while they were in the lift sharing such conversations, some ladies are listening to them and are laughing silently. Seems they are also into Farm Town and share the same sentiments.

If you know some more tell-tale signs of Farm Town addiction, please send me a message so I can add to this list. Only downside of having many Farm Town fanatics is that the connection to this application is very slow these days. It takes more than 5 minutes to load a big farm which before is less than 30 sec.

So calling the makers of Farm Town, please upgrade your server for all the Farmer’s enjoyment.

How to make blog visible

I’ve started my blog less than 1 month and I got very excited everytime I view my Blog Stats and see the consistent improvement in my blog views as well as comments or link backs from people I don’t know but in one way or the other find my blog quite interesting. or worth reading.

Now that I consider my blogging as a real and worth-while hobby, I am deeply concerned how to make by Blog site visible so people can get to read my posts, make comments and exchange opinions. Of course I have to search good old Mr. Google on tips how to make my blog visible. I found some very interesting posts so I am sharing it here as well:

First, join blog communities or blog directories such as Technorati, and the like. This will make your blog more visible to bloggers and people fond of reading blogs, plus you get the chance to interact with bloggers all over the world.

Of course, you can exchange links to build traffic. Blogs with similar topics or concepts such as your blog can be linked into your site by adding them in your blogroll. Then your traffic can improve if these blogs will add you in their blogroll as well.

Apart from these, SEO is the fastest way to improve your blog’s web presence. Since SEO is paid endeavour, expect your blog’s visibility to improve a lot better depending on your budget and how good the SEO company you hired for your blog’s optimization is.

As for me, I am a junior blogger so I am not in a hurry. With interesting and relevant topics that I plan to post in the future, I am sure I can get reasonable hits in my blog pretty soon!