Invisible plane of the future?

Imagine yourself on a are passing through the gorgeous Hawaiian Islands…but you don’t have to look at the aircraft’s windows to admire the beauty. Just look down below your feet and the beach underneath seems almost within reach…this is what riding the aircraft of the future would look and feel like.

This morning  I received an interesting e-mail about Airbus revealing ideas on the plane of the future.

The concept plane will be designed to have its fuselage (the aircraft’s main body) be made of high tech ceramic skin to become see-through or sort of “invisible” when an electrical pulse is generated by the captain.

This design would allow passengers to look at the skies above or the beauty of the landscapes and surroundings below while on flight. Researchers in Airbus said the sensation would be like floating unassisted through the sky.

It’s really amazing how new design and technology can change the future and how we do or experience things.

When Airbus launched the A380, a double decked, wide bodied aircraft that can carry up to 555 passengers, many people got excited to experience how it is to fly such a jumbo aircraft. Last year when Emirates Airlines included Dubai-Bangkok and v.v. route using the A380, it was a full-packed flight considering the cost of ticket is not cheap.

I guess it will not take too long before these “Invisible planes” go up in the sky. It’s like doing Island Hopping in a glass bottom boat wherein you don’t need to wear a diving suit to appreciate the beauty under the sea.

So move over, Wonder Woman. Soon, millions of people will get to experience what it is like to ride an Invisible plane.

But wait, how can people who have acrophobia (like me!) be able to spend even an hour’s flight in this so-called invisible air crafts?


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