Marge Simpson in the cover of Playboy

Marge Simpson in Playboy

Move over all sexy Playboy bunnies…the throne for November’s Playboy Magazine cover belongs to a lady, every inch a celebrity, a Mom of 3 and a wife of Homie..She is no other than Marge Simpson..

Whoa, a cartoon character in the front cover of the hugely popular Playboy Mag? Am I seeing things incorrectly? Marge is actually making history as the first ever cartoon character to be feted as such in the Publication’s History.

Surely Hugh Hefner, the Playboy owner sees opportunity in this somewhat comical way of selecting the featured model for their mag. For one, “The Simpsons” dubbed as America’s most popular disfunctional family is celebrating its 20’th Anniversary and being a Simpsons fan, Hugh (who also appeared in an episode of the cartoon in the 90’s) probably viewed this as his own way of giving tribute to The Simpsons’s success.

This move would also strengthen their direction to tap more of the 20-something crowd since the Cartoon would definitely appeal to this age-group.

What I am very interested is to see the various poses or interview of Marge in the magazine’s inside pages and to know how creative the people of Playboy can get. Surely, this issue would be a collector’s item of sort.

I will not be surprised to hear that FHM is negotiating for Lisa Simpson’s appearance in their mag once she comes of age or Homer will be featured in an instructional video on how to lose belly fat. Now, that would be more interesting since his waistline has been as big as Central Park ever since we saw them in the Boob tube.

What about Sponge Bob in GQ Magazine? Seems not only the climate is going crazy these days..LOL.

How to lose your belly fat in 10 days…

The movie “How to lose a guy in 10 Days” starring Kate Hudson and Matthew Mc Conaughey was a hit! It is quite interesting to see how a guy is able to make a lady love him in 10 days time and on the other hand for a lady to lose a guy in 10 days as if she is just disposing a week-old contact lenses to be replaced by a new set…easy it may seem but it is only happening in Hollywood. In reality losing is as hard as a volcanic rock and as imposing as the Burj Dubai Skyscraper.

I enrolled in the gym since last June 2008 and as of this writing, I have never completely lost my oh so stubborn excess fat in my belly..WTF! It’s been 9 months but seems like my belly is here to stay forever. Well to start with, I love to EAT.. and who doesn’t? I am just so fortunate (or is it unfortunate– hahaha! Just kidding guys) to have friends who enjoy life to the maximum level…Enjoying life means having weekly (or is it 2 times a week?) Food meet-ups. When we have meet ups, it’s not the typical 1 or 2 course meal but a FULL, EXTRAVAGANT and BOUNTIFUL feast. We just love Kare-Kare, Pata Tim, Pork Belly Sinigang, Adobong Manok, Daing na Bangus and many other mouth-watering dishes. Then there is also the traditional take-out of foods after the meet-up so after that, the fridge is still full (read: 1 Year supply) of the sumptuous Filipino Food.

Kainan to the Max

Kainan to the max 2


Next, after going to the gym at night- I feel so tired and hungry. So what happens is I tend to eat a lot just before my bed time. It is a risky behavior I know cos it is prone to cardiac arrest or pancreatitis but I just simply cannot skip dinner cos I am not a breakfast person. Usually in the morning, I have to rush to the office so I will just have a cup of coffee and just eat heavy lunch or dinner. Even if I force myself to eat breakfast, my body is not used to it so I either feel so full and bloated the whole morning (which makes me too uncomfortable to work) or I just throw up.

Well, going back to the topic…how long had I wished to look good with the flat tummy and perhaps with multi-pack abs. Never in my life have I been able to feel so confident taking pictures in the pool or the beach cos I know no matter how hard I try to cover or no matter which angle I pose, the protruding tummy still wants to be part of the scene 😦

Recently, I see some changes…I religiously go to gym nowadays (at least 3 times a week) and do rounds of cycling plus some weight training exercises. I try to cut my carbs intake and bloat myself with Tea (which I read in the Internet is a very effective way to burn calories or excess fat) as well. I think my waistline reduced by 1.5 inches in the last month. Come May, I want to see a leaner, trimmer ME. I hope I will have the will power to continue this routine. Though it is impossible to lose Belly Fat in 10 Days, I am not losing hope at all.