Happy Birthday Papa!

Today is the first year that we are celebrating the birthday of my dad (Sixto “Tito”Asuncion)…without him physically present.
As I had mentioned in previous posts, he died of Cancer last February. Had he been alive, he could have celebrated his 73rd Birthday today.

Every time I see his pictures I will suddenly realize I am still in denial that he is no longer with us. For He had always been there in all aspects of our lives.

I can still vividly remember that when we were young and it’s examination period, he would patiently spend time with each of us kids to review the lessons and have question and answer sessions just to make sure we will pass and have high marks in our tests which definitely molded us and made it our habit to study harder even until college.
He is a firm believer that education is the best inheritance a parent could give their children. I know it is a tough job to raise 5 children, more so give them quality education which he is able to do single-handedly since he is the sole bread winner in our family, my mom being a plain housewife ever since having children.

My dad is not the authoritarian type but we are also scared of him in many aspects especially during issuance of school report card. He would usually pick-up the cards in school and so when we know he is coming, we will be worried if our grades are good enough up to his satisfaction. Fortunately, in most cases we have high grades but he would always remind us not to be complacent.

He wanted me to become a doctor since he was a frustrated doctor by profession (believe he was studying medicine proper when he had to stop due to reasons I can’t exactly remember why). That’s why he really wanted one of his children to have fruition of this dream. He would always tell me to try Medicine in college because I am patient and he is confident I can finish long years of studying and reviewing and wanted me to try taking exams in PLM or UP.

I had this ambition too till 4th year high school but just before graduation I started realizing it could be hard and not practical firstly because it would also need a lot of resources to finish a medical course. During that time me and 3 other siblings were still studying so I thought it will be very difficult financially speaking.
Secondly, I had been studying since I was 4 years old so I also had a feeling of tiredness because of studying since young. Pursuing a course that would take longer years to finish could aggravate this feeling.
At the end, even if I did not become a Doctor I know I made my parents especially my Dad proud since I also had some achievements during college and be able to have a good career.

Papa (which is how we dearly call him) is generous and thoughtful. I remember my sister Princess as a young girl is used to seeing cake in the dining table during her birthdays. In one of her birthday, my dad failed to buy a cake on time. She started crying very loud and is not willing to stop unless she can have her birthday cake. Papa still tired coming home from work had to go out again and buy her a birthday cake even though the nearest bakeshop is very far from our home then.

My mom would always receive gifts from Papa during her birthdays. She would sometimes receive either a perfume, blouse, bouquet of flowers or even orchid plants (since my mom love to plant trees and flowers in our garden).

Papa’s generosity and thoughtfulness is not only for his immediate family. He makes it a point to greet and visit relatives during birthdays or special occasions. He would lovingly dedicate songs or greetings through a local radio station that he and mom would always listen to during weekends. Suppose it is my aunt’s birthday she would call the radio station to request my aunt’s favorite song then followed by a birthday message. Next, he would call my aunt to remind her to listen to the radio that instant. Upon hearing the song and dedication, naturally my aunt will be surprised by the gesture and will be very thankful.

He also loves his grand children so much. Every afternoon, he would take them out for a walk in our village from the time they were babies until the time they can walk. Our neighbors would always compliment him that he loves the children so much and very proud of them which he would confirm by saying his grand children are not only kind but also smart and all good looking so there is no reason not to be proud of them. I heard a story from my sister that even on his sick bed, he reminded them to buy my nephew’s favorite toy car as his surprise gift as soon as he goes out of that hospital.

I am sure many people misses these thoughts and gestures from my dad. There are countless memories to tell but it will be such a long post and words cannot describe exactly the feeling just reminiscing these events since we were young.

But I am certain he is in a happier state now with our Lord.

Happy Birthday Papa. We truly miss and love you.


Dear Dad…

Tomorrow, June 20 the whole world will celebrate Father’s Day. Coincidentally, the next day is my Dad’s birthday so it’s a sort of double celebration for our family back home. I texted my mom the other day to ask their plan for the 2 occasions. She said they already bought fresh products in the market which they will cook so the whole family can eat together. God, I miss my family. It has only been 2 months since I came back home for a short holiday but the memories of that trip still remains. I was able to enjoy a family outing and spending more time with them catching up.

Now that all of us children are already adults, I can proudly say that our parents have brought us up well. They are good role models and has always been there for us. However, since Father’s day is coming as well as my Dad’s day, let me make this post a tribute to my dad. Btw, we affectionately call our Dad, “Papa”.

My dad was a Police Officer when he met my mom. They eventually got married. Because of the risk of the job and since my eldest brother was already born, my mom requested him to resign from the police. He then worked for the Central Bank for many many years until he retired. His passion for work has been an inspiration to all of us especially now that we have our own careers. I can still remember those days that he wouldn’t mind going to work even though there is typhoon or flooding which is a common scenario then because our city is located in a low lying place. He is the breadwinner and my mom is a plain housewife. Having said that, I cannot imagine how they are able to raise 5 children well, send to private schools and always have good food in our table. Life may be hard but our parents would never let us feel it.

My dad loves reading. He has tons of books in our house ranging from dictionaries, English communication books to almanac as well as constitution and governance. As books are plenty, I developed the habit of reading as well. Almanac was my favorite book then maybe the reason why there was a point during my High School when I was able to memorize almost all capital cities of the world.  🙂

He also enjoys writing. He writes very good letters from a plain excuse letter at school, to solicitation for sponsorship of a basketball court in our village to the local government and I think there was even a point that he wrote a letter to a president of a certain country (I totally forgotten which country it was and not sure if the letter ever reached the desk of that President).  I think I also inherited his writing skills though I must admit that he has a wider vocabulary knowledge than me.

During monthly exams in school, he would ask us to read the topics for the exam first in our text book then everyone would have their turn to be asked various questions about the lessons from my dad. My other brother would even have to pretend sleepy or sleeping already so the question and answer part will stop.

With all these, you might think he is a strict father. On the contrary he is not. I cannot remember a single time that he used his hands to reprimand us kids. He is also very generous to all of us. When he was still working, Mother’s Day or my mom’s birthday will never be complete without any gift from my dad from perfume to blouse or even orchids or rose (not in bouquet but plants that can be grown cos my mom loves gardening). There was even a time that my younger sister already gotten used to having a cake during her birthdays. Unfortunately on that day my dad was unable to buy the cake. My sister started to cry profusely and my dad had to buy the cake from somewhere far cos there was no bakeshop in our area then.

Two years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer of the bladder. All of us were very worried but he did not show any signs of depression or desperation. Many procedures were done and up until today is still being undertaken to prevent the cancer from developing further. He has to avoid many foods and habits that are not good for the health. He lost some weight but I still see him very active. He loves taking care of his grand children so it’s a good exercise as well. His well being is always in my daily prayers.

When my friend visited me here sometime ago, my parents requested for some stuff to be brought to me and inside the box was a letter hand written by my dad. The message of which comes from both of them. In the letter they asked me how I am, that they missed me and always pray for my success and safety. They also hope I will like the stuff they sent. I was really touched by the gesture.

I am not vocal showing affection to my parents but in every way or every opportunity I have, I do not hesitate showing or making them feel it. Even up to this day, I would kiss my parents in the cheek to say goodbye which is not a common gesture for children these days.

My dad may not be able to read this blog post since he is not using computer these days but I know in my heart that he loves us so much and he is proud of all of us and surely he knows that we love him very much and we are thankful to God that he is our dad.

Dear Dad…Happy Father’s Day. Happy Birthday. I love you.

A Pan-filled day…

The other week, I bought a set of cooking pan for my colleague as Birthday present because we learned that he loves cooking. There was a big sale for these Teflon pans so I took the opportunity to buy a set for me as well. See the picture of my old and new pan below.

As I bid good bye to my old pan, I had to say it has been a great companion in my cooking for many months. A lot of wonderful dishes I cook and eat either alone or share to friends and colleagues were made because of that pan. All the recipes I had in mind became a reality because I was able to cook it perfectly well with my reliable kitchen companion…Now, though it is no longer non-stick due to wear and tear, I can say it already served its purpose.

As I try to use my new pan, I am anticipating new cooking experiences and more tasty and mouth-watering foods to come…

See, even a pan has its own story…

It’s my Birthday!

Yesterday, February 05 is my birthday. It was the 2nd time that I celebrated my birthday in Bangkok. I started my day thanking God for another year given to me. Surely, there were ups and downs but God has given me so much the past year and I really cannot ask for more.

I then headed to the office cos my birthday is a working day. I got Birthday greetings from a lot of colleagues. After our regular morning meeting, I was surprised with the birthday greetings from my boss and all the managers. On top of that, my boss passed me her gift (a Lacoste cap) and birthday card. While the day has passed there were many greetings from my e-mails and facebook account. At first, I did not expect there were many greetings since I’m not at home but I am just overwhelmed with the number of people who greeted me. I even got a couple more gifts and cards from other friends/colleagues through out the day.

I called home because I purposely told my mom not to call me and I’ll be the one to call them. They greeted me and wished me well for my birthday and beyond.

After office, few of my colleagues/friends treated me to a Sukiyaki buffet which is very delicious with a lot of choices. At the end, I ate a lot and enjoyed the dinner treat. I arrived home almost 10 pm and the greetings in Facebook are still coming.

I feel so blessed because of the gestures showed to me so I posted my shoutout “Thank you Lord for another year…I am so blessed. I feel like a king..just finished dinner with friends and colleagues. This day has been great! I received a lot of greetings and even gifts from well meaning friends, colleagues and loved ones. I am glad I touched their lives and now am receiving your blessings thru them. Amen.”

Tonight I am having a post Birthday celebration with my friends here in Bangkok. We’ll have dinner and may go to Khaosarn Road for few drinks and dance.

Cheers to life!

Anything for Love

Last Sunday, I went to the Christening of my godson, Matt Justin. It was held in Holy Redeemer Church on a scorching hot afternoon. After the ceremony, we all troop to the reception area –the very luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok located at the banks of Chao Phraya River.

It was actually a dual celebration. Apart from Justin’s Baptism, it was the family’s only little girl, Claire (Justin’s sister) celebrating her 7th Birthday on that day. Traditionally speaking, the 7th birthday of a child is always celebrated in a somewhat grand style because it symbolizes that upon reaching that age, the child has more or less a mind of its own and starting his or her early years of schooling.

The affair was an intimate one attended by approximately 30 guests mostly relatives, family friends and colleagues of Mike and Sharon- the very proud parents that day.

The kids in attendance was a great sight to see as they put on princes and princesses costumes like in a mini dance ball. They walked inside the room in pairs and its so nice to see babies as young as probably 2 years old actually enjoying what they are doing.

Then the fairest of them all entered the room. It’s Claire dressed in a Pink Gown with a tiara in her head and a rose in her hand.

The programme continued with the kids strutting their stuff out as they danced to everyone’s delight. Really, kids these days are so full of talent.

While we eat a sumptuous buffet lunch, Mike flashed a slide presentation in the LCD screen of Claire since she was a baby, highlighting all the places that the family had been to as well as the memorable events they shared with friends. Maybe they realized time really flew so fast.

Then there were games and numerous photo opportunities and a lot of drinking!

It was indeed a memorable event especially for Claire. As I head back home, I realized a parent would really go all out just to make their kids happy-and at all cost. I mean, hosting a party in a 5 Star Hotel would eat up a big sum of money. Apart from that, everyone in their family really prepared with all the costumes, dance number and presentations days before the event. Despite all these, at the end of the day if their objectives are met- that is making their children happy and satisfied then all the troubles and cost-cutting is nothing.

I am now thinking what kind of a Dad would I become? I know this title entails a great responsibility. If and when that time comes, I know I would be a good one. I’ve been a good son (as far as my standards are concerned, ha ha ha!) so I know I will be a great Dad soon!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Another Day, Another Birthday

It’s half past midnight of April 12, 2009. Manila Time. This is a special day not only because it coincides with Easter Sunday but because this day is the day of my special someone..my Baby. I will not mention her name here cos I am afraid she might become more popular than me in my own blog but deep inside, I know that she knows how special she is to me.

We’ve known each other for Eight years now and it has been a happy and blissful eight years. We shared many happy times and of course those disagreements or misunderstandings pop out like mushrooms in your garden on a rainy day. But life without these things is so bland. It perks up our relationship and serves as a learning experience for both of us.

If there is one thing that I truly appreciate of her, it’s her patience.  Aquarians like me are known to be loving, friendly and loyal but we are almost always associated with being moody, inconsistent and erratic. And I agree at times, I am soo unpredictable. Even with my mood swings, I rarely see her lose her temper. In most cases, she just keeps her cool and let me do my tantrums. 🙂

I think the day God gave patience, she filled one big container of it. And as for me, I think on that day, I was sleeping soo soundly so never had the opportunity to even fill a cup of patience. Lol.

We are miles away from each other so the least thing I can do is to call her (which I already did!) and wish her all the best. I don’t have a gift yet cos I am still thinking of a good one to give but even if it will come out a little bit late, when I go back home, surely I will make it up to her.

Today is your day, you have a blast! You know how much I miss you and can’t wait to go back home next month. I Love You and Happy Birthday!