Life is like a hot chicken soup

Ideas really come unexpectedly. I was thinking for sometime now what topic I must write in my next blog post. I have not written for quite sometime and I want my post to be good. Anyway, no pressure so I just let it be..

For dinner tonight, I cooked “Tinolang Manok”, a tasty chicken soup with green papaya and chilli leaves (unfortunately despite chilli being a staple ingredient of Thai cookery, I cannot find any chilli leaves being sold in the market). I served dinner for myself around 8pm.

I have not eaten Tinola for quite sometime now so I was actually craving for it that’s why I decided to cook it. I was so hungry and the soup is still very hot as I just removed it from fire. First few bites, I tried using spoon and fork to eat.

However, being a Filipino wherein when at home the best way to eat your favorite dish is to use your bare hands I tried hard to eat the food in my plate at all cost.  The more I tried to grab a piece of chicken or papaya the more I feel a somewhat burning sensation.

Then I realized, life is like eating the hot Tinola Soup. The chicken parts or papaya are like us humans. It is put on fire to cook. We are also put into fire (problems or adversities) so we can be better individuals. Soup are seasoned to suit the diner’s taste buds. The cook keeps on adding fish sauce, water or other seasoning to make it perfect.  In life, we also experienced something that makes it more memorable- from being in love, to being promoted at work, winning the lottery or just finding the right pair of shoes that’s on sale.

Once the soup is cooked, we remove it from the fire and serve it on the table. I compare it as our preparation for building our own lives such as studying hard, molding our character through our family, friends and loved ones. Once we are ready to face the world, we take the leap of life and let others know what we are made of.

If we sip the soup while it is hot, our tongue will be scalded. Same thing for life, if we are not yet ready, many will seize the opportunity to pull us down or bring us close to danger or worse become the instrument for our failure.

But if we wait a bit and make the soup’s temperature just perfect, we can enjoy a good meal. As for life, if we wait for the right opportunity, then we reap the rewards of life.

I really hope life is as easy as preparing Tinola and eating it to our heart’s content. As they say, well…that’s life.