Farm Town courtesies

Indeed Farm Town is the talk of the Facebook Town. More and more people got hooked up with this application. As many people become fanatics, you get to meet many farm town neighbors and buddies which may hire you for a harvest or plowing  job and vice versa. Though Farm town is just a computer application game, the following are recommended courtesies to ensure happy and healthy Farm Town relationship between your neighbors and buddies:

1. Returning the favor- If you are hired to harvest a crops or trees or are being sent gifts by generous neighbors or buddies, it is just proper to return the favor– that is sending gifts or giving them the opportunity to be hired for harvest or plowing job by you. Of course, you are not obligated to do so but if you are kind enough to return a favor, surely these neighbors and buddies will be delighted to be given the opportunity to earn coins or XP or even receive some daily gifts from you.

2. Do not flame or hurl invectives to fellow farmers- I noticed many people in the market place are asking for jobs in the effort to get some coins and XP. Maybe the manner they are asking someone to hire them is irritating to some which may sound as begging that is why many users also try to give unkind words or name-calling to fellow Farm Town users which is not a good attitude. The Market place is the place to sell crops, find a job or hire someone. If you feel someone is quite irritating on their style of asking job then I think the most proper way is just to keep quiet and just do what you are supposed to do in the marketplace that is– either sell your crops, find a job or hire someone. Flaming another person maybe easy for some since you are not seen personally anyway and it is just a virtual world but let us keep in mind the main purpose of our being into Farm Town is for Entertainment.

3. Saying thank you- There are many occasions wherein after hiring someone either in the Marketplace or from the neighbor or buddy list, after finishing the job- the “Lucky” person just jump out of the farm without the courtesy of even thanking the one who hired them considering he/she was considered for the job despite many people could be in his/her shoes. Of course, earning coins and XP are just virtual thing and cannot be deposited in the bank or cannot be put in one’s resume but saying thank you is free anyway and do not require much effort so it is but proper to say Thank you whenever you can.

Just like in the real world, the virtual world should be played by us real human beings with courtesy.