Imagine a world without music…

no music
Last night, I was thinking of a new topic for my blog since I have not updated my blog for the longest time..been really pre-occupied lately. Since I was talking to my friend Boni, he suggested a topic about a world without credit card.Hmm, sounds interesting. With modernity looming and internet booming than ever, using credit card is almost inevitable.
However, as I opened my blog site, I had a sudden change of mind (which I had been doing a lot often recently)…I now am writing about what the world would be without music…A world without music? Hmmm…
A world without music means taking your daily shower before going to work or school or getting off to bed like a silent lamb. It means we cannot express our patriotism every Monday Mornings through our National Hymn. It means our Sunday Mass would just consist of the reading of the Scriptures, a Sermon, Homily and Communion without the Angel-like voices of the choir.
It means blowing a birthday cake would begin with just a simple greeting of “Happy Birthday”. It means Graduation Ceremony is less memorable because a heart-felt graduation song is missing. It means the bride walking down the aisle in her wedding day is like a thief silently walking in the night..
It means our Christmas nights would be less enjoyable without kids singing carols in our front gates and asking for some Aguinaldos..The word “harana” may not have been created as well.
Babies may have a hard time sleeping without the soft lullabies of their moms whispered in their ears…
Michael Jackson could have died an ordinary man…
…the list goes on and on. I really can’t imagine a world without music.
As they say, music has no language. No matter which country you come from, you would know a good music when you hear one. You don’t have to know the meaning of the lyrics to enjoy the song in full. Music speaks to one’s heart.
Thank God for the music..Thank God that I can still sing whether its a good or bad situation.
I am sharing a short poem I read in this website:
A world with out music is like a girl with no doll
A sky with no sun
A boy with no ball
A world with out music has no meaning at all
No meaning to laugh
No meaning to care
No meaning to love
and no meaning to share
no one would speak
no one would give
no one would play
no one would live
so thank God for music
thank him a lot
because without his music
our story would have no plot

-Brooke Field

Keep on singing my friends!

The Saga of Boyet Fajardo…

Boyet Fajardo..I can’t recall where I heard this name…is it a street name in Sampaloc? The name of our School Bus Driver during my Elementary Days…I really can’t remember where I encountered this name…but wait, I think I heard and saw this name in the news recently..Ah, now I remembered…the famous Boyet Fajardo who lambasted and hurled invectives to a poor and helpless cashier as if there is no tomorrow or as if this cashier had stolen the credit card of this “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” shameless person and purchased tons of goods without his consent…come to think of it, the cashier only did his job by asking for an identification card from a cardholder bearing an unsigned credit card which is actually an SOP especially with the prevalence of fraudulent credit card transactions  these days.

“He/She-who-must-not-be-named” should be appreciative of this gesture from the cashier cos as a consumer, if we know that Sales staffs from such kind of establishments are doing the same thing, then we need not worry too much if in case our credit cards were stolen because chances are, the card cannot be used for unauthorized purchase due to lack of identification from the supposed cardholder.

I personally pity “He/She-who-must-not-be-named”. He is not even a household name yet but seems like his career is bound to go down the drain because of his action which is unnecessary and totally uncalled for. Now he is making excuses that he is just tired and hungry..indeed such a lame excuse!! My dog actually behaves better than “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” even if he’s hungry or tired. Talk about behaving well in public. Now his spokesman claim it as “Creative Outburst”.

Fortunately for me, checking my clothes as of this writing, I have no (and forever will not have an apparel) bearing the Boyet Fajardo brand. I don’t know if it is because his designs doesn’t attract me at all or I simply prefer better brands. Especially after seeing his behavior caught on cam, this “He/She-who-must-not-be-named” doesn’t deserve to be successful at all.  But come to think of it, I may just be too emotional similar to the millions of people who support the petition against him. Of course, I would still want him to be successful in his field cos it will still be a pride of the Filipino people if he becomes well-known internationally despite the scandal, but I would like to wish him success ONLY if he truly feels sorry about what he’ve done. I think he already paid for his action with all the cuss words he is receiving right now.