Susan Boyle vs. William Hung- Who’s got talent?

Beauty, like supreme dominion, Is but supported by opinion

– Benjamin Franklin

I got curious of Susan Boyle the moment I saw an article about her in Yahoo. I therefore watched her video in Just like everybody else, before she sang I had the thought that she is just one of the peculiar if not odd singing aspirants that we’ve seen in American Idol and now Britain’s got talent all these years.

She entered the stage just like a normal contestant and seem that the audience  (me included) and judges find her hilarious.  Then she started singing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables… Seems that she has been in this Musicale before or else Cameron Mcintosh should call her to invite her to be part of any of his productions soon with the quality and clarity of her voice.

After hearing Susan Boyle singing, it is definitely not premature to say that she is bound for instant stardom! Her singing is like a big and bright Patronus on a cold, dark Dementor-filled night. She became an inspiration to everyone. Truly, the statement of Amanda Holden, one of the judge in the program saying that all are just being too cynical about her and that moment was a wake up call is an understatement. Really, we cannot judge a person just by looks. We have to see what lies beneath the skin.

Now, many people say that Susan Boyle may just become another William Hung who gained instant popularity in a reality show but never got really BIG. Yes, both have some personality but the thin line between the two is their talent. William Hung may have a talent in comedy (not singing and dancing for God’s sake!) but Susan Boyle’s got talent in Singing.

Would anyone from Disney or Dreamworks please stand up and look at Susan Boyle?

Below are the audition videos of both Susan Boyle and William Hung. Be mesmerized….