Magnificent Manny (and huge sum of Money for him as well)

The nation definitely has not gone over the Manny Pacquiao Mania.  Yesterday- May 04, 2009 firmly etched Manny Pacquiao’s name as a legend in boxing with the 2nd Round knockout of Ricky Hatton, arguably Britain’s hottest and most prolific boxer these days in the highly anticipated East meets West boxing match in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Manny, outside the ring remains the shy and silent man most Filipinos idolized for sometime now. But inside the ring, Manny is just so spectacular landing powerful punches just in the right place and the right time. Ricky Hatton looked like a sickly boy laying in the cold canvass while Manny jubilantly smiled to the thousands of fans in attendance and give warm hugs to those who congratulated him in the ring.

It was reported that for this fight (the biggest in his career so far), he was guaranteed a purse of USD 12 Million (PHP 576 Million) , win or lose. Interestingly, If they calcuated it based on per second earning from total time spent fighting in the ring, Manny earned PHP 16 Million per second, an amount many Filipinos will not earn in their lifetime. If they calculated it on a per punch landed, he raked in USD 164,000 per punch out of the 73 punches landed.

Wow, I never thought someone’s punch could be as worthy as that! If they can only pay the same for every punch landing on my face, I don’t mind taking 73 punches! Ha ha ha! Just kidding.

Because of this win, everyone is asking, who’s next for Manny. He confidently say he can fight anybody..(maybe except Jinky- pun intended. he he he!)

RP share close 1.6% higher, is it because of the feverish effect of Manny’s win? I hope our economy would be as exciting as the fight.

The slight disappointment though is that the fight didn’t last as long as everyone expected. My trip to a friend’s house to watch the PPV match is literally longer than the whole match of Pacquiao vs. Hatton. I took a taxi ride for more than 30 minutes. The fight was finished in 2 minutes, 59 seconds!

At any rate, Manny definitely brought pride and joy to the Filipino people! Congratulations and keep it up!