Facebook Resolution for New Year

In a few days (or should I say hours), we will be celebrating the New Year and bade 2009 goodbye. 2009 has been very challenging for many with lots of natural disasters, economic problems, health risks and the like. Since 2009 was also the year I got hooked up in Facebook, I will be posting my Facebook Resolution for the incoming year. No pun intended, and just enjoy reading. 🙂

Funny and apps-related resolutions:
1. I will help my Mafia win wars as often as I can and rally for help every time I participate even if the opponent is level 1 Mafia. 🙂
2. I will not expect to get hired to harvest or plow if I cannot reciprocate the job in Farm Town and I expect the same thing from my neighbors.
3. I will take good care of my close Mafia by giving them Energy packs and gifts often. But please be considerate and reciprocate the generosity..
4. I will not let my customers feel bored with my cafe for I will continuously have variety in my menu and not only 1 dish.
5. I will give excitement to the visitors of my Roller Coaster Theme Park with various rides to choose from.
6. If I steal some crops in Barn Buddy, I will replace it with Bugs and Weeds as long as the dog won’t bite me so my neighbor can have coins or chance for level up.

Real resolutions:
7. I will not overly publish activities in my wall just to gain attention. In short, I will avoid SPAMMING.
8. I will not flood my friends with numerous requests like neighbor request, group add request, hug request, cool pet request. Their interest may be different from me and vice-versa so I will be considerate.
9. I will not let Facebook control my activities or schedule especially even at night or during weekends. There will not be an incident that I worry that my crops will be gone to waste while watching a movie or dining out with friends.
10. I will not tag a picture of a friend if they will be in trouble or put on the spot.
11. I will not be engaged or hooked in some more apps. I had enough this year.
12. Lastly but probably the most difficult, I will limit my Facebook usage per day to 2 hours!

Enjoy the New Year ahead!

The Phenomenon of Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars

I have been into Facebook for many months now and what keeps me glued to this social networking site is the fact that it has been a constant source of information about my friends, former colleagues, family and relatives. In fact, during the time of the Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) wherein my home got affected and some of our relatives as well, Facebook has been the source of Free and instant communication between me and some of my relatives staying in the US and Canada. Since we cannot contact most of our family members back home, if we get any news or if someone managed to receive any SMS or are able to call any member back home, we just messasge through Facebook.  Really convenient. I even see many people trying to encourage others to extend help or give donations to the victims sent through Facebook. This is a very effective means of communication and conveying our message across the globe.

Another reason why I don’t mind spending late weekday nights and most especially weekend nights even renting computer in a net cafe is because of the very interesting and unique games which is popularly known as “Apps” short for applications. Currently, I am playing Farm Town, Farm Ville, Barn Buddy, Fish World, My City, Restaurant City, Roller Coaster World, Cafe World, Island Paradise and of course Mafia Wars..too many apps for me to be called a real app “addict” you may say. Well yes, I spend at least 2 hours a night just for me to do usual rounds of these games. Apart from going to fitness, I guess this is just my way of getting past my boredom especially since I am living alone and communication back home is limited. Sometimes if I finished work then heading to the gym and taking a quick dinner, either the folks are already sleeping or about to sleep so most of the time, I have been talking to them during weekends. At least this kind of addiction doesn’t do any harm to other people and is quite entertaining if I may say. Only thing is that of course instead of me sleeping longer, I had to cut at least 2 hours of my nightly sleeping time but just like any other fad, I am sure this will come to pass soon.

Actually even I am playing many of these apps, it doesn’t mean I have to visit them all everyday. It’s just a matter of time management and effective scheduling. Ha ha ha! For example, in Farm Town if you plant a crop for 3 days, then you don’t need to visit in the next 3 days until the crops are ready for harvest. Unless you are really hot to gain XP to level up faster then you need to visit neighbors often, work for others etc. But for my case, I am not taking it too seriously and am not in so much of a rush to level up fast. Besides, I have other “more important” things to do on other times of the day. Of course these activities doesn’t have to coincide with work or family affairs for that matter. Well, lucky for me, even I sleep past midnight every day, I don’t feel sleepy or not alert in the office or trying to do something silly because of lack of sleep. I am confident even my boss would read this post can say my work is not affected at all so everything should be ok I guess.. Ha ha ha!

Ok going back to the games..I had been hooked up in Farm Town for quite a long time and in fact the post I made here in my blog about Farm Town has been one of the most popular topics in my blog in terms of searches and visits. Truly, Facebook is a global phenomenon and many people have been trying to get information about these apps thru blogs. Lately, I have been spending more time with Mafia Wars which is one of the most popular if not the most popular app in Facebook. Wikipedia listed that as of October 2009, Mafia Wars have 25.9 million monthly active accounts.  It means, it has even more people using this app than the registered population of the whole city of New York!

But what makes Mafia Wars quite exciting if not interesting considering it is not even an arcade type game? Well for one, you gain power, money and influence every time you accomplish any job or have had successful fights. You can even grow your mafia family every so often.

You can select a character type. You can choose to become a Mogul (which means you earn money faster) or fearless (meaning you can recover energy faster so you can do more jobs) or become a maniac (to recover stamina faster so you fight more often). I actually chose the Mogul character. As of this writing, my cash which I have not deposited in the bank is more than 200 million already and I believe I have over 100 million in the bank which I have deposited earlier. Wow, if those are real money, I can take the place of Warren Buffet or Bill Gates very soon especially with the very fast inflow of money into my coffers.

I continuously am trying to improve my Top Mafia based on their profile and level so every job or fights I take, I can get more Experience Points or money. I am currently at level 60 playing less than a month. So if anyone wants to be part of my Mafia family, please feel free to let me know so we can level up together!

That’s all for now folks…I need to read John Grisham’s The Associate. Really very interesting..cannot drop the book even late at night. As soon as I finished the book, will make a post about it.

The best roasted pig in the World…the Philippine Lechon

The wi-fi connection in my room is perpetually against me..as the connection is very slow.  Well, maybe one factor is that it is a Saturday today and internet traffic is usually bad during weekends. Another thing is that a heavy downpour has just finished which I noticed makes every internet connection (whether at home or in the office) and even cable tv reception intermittent if not bad.

So I headed to the internet shop downstairs. Luckily it was half empty. Maybe the kids who usually play computer games during this time just headed off home during the heavy rain. How lucky can I get..and so I thought.

The moment I opened my Facebook account, I realized it is not a good idea to rent in the Internet shop. Facebook took ages to open. Then when it opened, Farm Town is the first app that I opened (naturally). After waiting for I guess 10 minutes, it still is not opening…then I tried Restaurant City…same result. I tried all the other applications in Facebook I am using  and it’s all the same story. Really bad…

Then I remembered to open Youtube. At first I tried looking for recent Filipino Comedy films but I guess no one has uploaded the film in Youtube yet. Until I came across 1 link that states: No Reservations: Philippines Part 1 of 5..I clicked the linked and I saw a Travel show in the US hosted by Anthony Bourdain. This particular episode is about the contest they had wherein the viewers must convince Anthony to visit their Country/City to be featured in the next show.  The lucky guy who had the opportunity to be able to convince the host to visit his native cuntry is a Filipino American named Augusto who comes from Cebu but has lived most of his life in New York.

As I watched the video, I can’t really help but to salivate with all those tasty and gastronomically appealing Filipino foods featured.  All my favorite foods were featured from Sinigang, Kare-Kare, Adobo, Sisig, Pinakbet, Bulalo..I just had my dinenr but the food being featured really made me so hungry and terribly miss home especially home-cooked meals by my mom which is actually a Pampanguena, arguably the best chefs in the Philippines, Pampanga being considered as the Culinary Capital of the country.

The best part of this show is when they featured the actual roasting of the pig to become the world-famous Lechon. It really looks so good with the even-colored roasting of the pork in charcoal. When Anthony sliced a piece of the skin, you can hear the uber-crispiness of the skin. YUMMY!

As I am writing this blog post, my mouth is still watering (pun intended…LOL) I think comparable to the heavy rains that just passed.  I am supposed to watch my diet since I’ve been visitng my gym regularly these days in preparation for 2 forthcoming beach trips in the next month but probably tomorrow, I may troop to the nearest grocery store and buy some ingredients to cook my favorite Filipino food.

I guess eating my favorite Philippine delicacy is the next best thing to being close to home….

P.S. Here are the links to the Travel show..test yourself if you will not salivate just looking at these glorious foods….

Farm Town courtesies

Indeed Farm Town is the talk of the Facebook Town. More and more people got hooked up with this application. As many people become fanatics, you get to meet many farm town neighbors and buddies which may hire you for a harvest or plowing  job and vice versa. Though Farm town is just a computer application game, the following are recommended courtesies to ensure happy and healthy Farm Town relationship between your neighbors and buddies:

1. Returning the favor- If you are hired to harvest a crops or trees or are being sent gifts by generous neighbors or buddies, it is just proper to return the favor– that is sending gifts or giving them the opportunity to be hired for harvest or plowing job by you. Of course, you are not obligated to do so but if you are kind enough to return a favor, surely these neighbors and buddies will be delighted to be given the opportunity to earn coins or XP or even receive some daily gifts from you.

2. Do not flame or hurl invectives to fellow farmers- I noticed many people in the market place are asking for jobs in the effort to get some coins and XP. Maybe the manner they are asking someone to hire them is irritating to some which may sound as begging that is why many users also try to give unkind words or name-calling to fellow Farm Town users which is not a good attitude. The Market place is the place to sell crops, find a job or hire someone. If you feel someone is quite irritating on their style of asking job then I think the most proper way is just to keep quiet and just do what you are supposed to do in the marketplace that is– either sell your crops, find a job or hire someone. Flaming another person maybe easy for some since you are not seen personally anyway and it is just a virtual world but let us keep in mind the main purpose of our being into Farm Town is for Entertainment.

3. Saying thank you- There are many occasions wherein after hiring someone either in the Marketplace or from the neighbor or buddy list, after finishing the job- the “Lucky” person just jump out of the farm without the courtesy of even thanking the one who hired them considering he/she was considered for the job despite many people could be in his/her shoes. Of course, earning coins and XP are just virtual thing and cannot be deposited in the bank or cannot be put in one’s resume but saying thank you is free anyway and do not require much effort so it is but proper to say Thank you whenever you can.

Just like in the real world, the virtual world should be played by us real human beings with courtesy.

Signs of being a Farm Town Addict

I had a post earlier where I confessed being a Farm Town Addict. Farm Town as many of us know is the very popular Facebook App wherein you get to build your own farm, plant and harvest fruits and crops and meet and make new friends.

As the fanatics of Farm Town grows day by day, many are saying this is just a fad and the Farm Town fever will die down eventually, perhaps  in a month or two. Well of course there are many peaks and valleys but as they say, savor it while it lasts.

Anyway,  thinking further–in every addiction there are manifestations..some show peculiar behavior while some are playing it cool but their lifestyle is gradually changing. The important point is for us fanatics to know when to stop once we realized we’re too hooked up. If it is doing us more harm than good then there should be no other choice but to drop this hobby like a hot potato.

So you may ask me, what are the signs of being a Farm Town Addict? Let me enumerate as best as I can..this is considering my personal experience and that of my friends and virtual neighbors:

1.) Sleeping late at night and waking up early- By criteria, waking up early is a good sign since we do not have to rush to the office and can relax a little bit or exercise. But Sleeping late at night because one has to plow and plant his/her field or harvest his/her or somebody else’s crops then waking up early in the morning for fear of their crops going to waste because it was not harvested in time is the most common sign of Farm Town Addiction. This manifestation is normally true for neophyte farmers because mostly they are only able to plant grapes seeds which is ready to be harvested in 4 hours time. With such short span of time, you cannot afford to sleep lengthy otherwise, your crops will be dried (like raisins) if not harvested the soonest. As your Farm Town level reaches up, you can plant crops which takes between 1-4 days to harvest. Then it’s alright to sleep longer.

2.) Skip going out of the house or if it is inevitable to go out, stay out for only few hours- I remembered few weeks ago during the early days of my discovery of Farm Town, me and some friends who are into this application, while waiting for the movie to start in about 1.5 hours we remembered our Crops which may be ready to harvest at that time. We were so worried that we are thinking of renting a computer in the mall so that we can harvest our crops before the movie started.

3.) Have many new Facebook friends from all over the world- If you notice some friends who’s friends list is increasing day by day and seem like the United Nations because of various nationalities though you think these people are not know to your friend personally, chances are it is because of Farm Town. For someone to be your Farm Town neighbor, they have to be in your friends list. If they are not, then they cannot hire you often and vice versa unless you are buddies. However, buddies have limited access to your farm so most people prefer to be a neighbor rather than a buddy. So in order for someone to be your neighbor, you have to add them in your friend’s list.

4.) Hearing conversations like:

“I am saving to buy a Mansion”
“I have no more money I just buy a big lot”
” Pls. give me an Apple or a Coconut Tree”
“I got booted out”

One of my friend told me that while they were in the lift sharing such conversations, some ladies are listening to them and are laughing silently. Seems they are also into Farm Town and share the same sentiments.

If you know some more tell-tale signs of Farm Town addiction, please send me a message so I can add to this list. Only downside of having many Farm Town fanatics is that the connection to this application is very slow these days. It takes more than 5 minutes to load a big farm which before is less than 30 sec.

So calling the makers of Farm Town, please upgrade your server for all the Farmer’s enjoyment.

Farm Town Addict

I signed up a Facebook account for about 2 months now..I find it better than most of the social networking sites available because of many features that are not found in other site. What made me hooked up with Facebook even more is this application called Farm Town.

My friend and former colleague who visited Bangkok last month gave me the curiosity to try farm town. She said it is so addicting that she even named her farm “Pangalawang Career” or her “2nd Profession”.  Since I received some Farm Town Gift Request like trees or animals, I went into the farm and rolled up my sleeves and virtually became a  Farmer. It started with a few coins allotted to you then you have to work hard to get more coins so you can buy seeds to grow and eventually harvest. Having many friends who are into farm town is also an advantage cos  you can request from them gifts or even the “privilege” for you to harvest their crops so you can earn coins.

Another very popular Facebook apps is Restaurant City which I also get lured by my former colleagues. However, I find Farm Town more entertaining because you have to really work hard to earn coins and experience..Gaining experience would give you the privilege to buy crops, flowers, trees, fences and other accessories that can normally be found in a farm. Working hard means you have to plow your farm, plant seeds and wait for it to be ready for harvest. Working hard also means you need to work in another farm so you can earn additional coins.

Whats also very cool about Farm Town is you can add neighbors and buddies from any part of the world..How? If you got hired or you hire someone that you don’t personally know and they want to make friends with you or have another opportunity to harvest, then it will open doors for Online Friendship..and who knows, an opportunity for a romantic relationship for some…

Farm Town also has a Chat feature wherein you can chat with your friends, neighbors or just about anybody using Farm Town if you are in the Marketplace, The Inn or Realty Office. Marketplace is the venue to sell your harvest or to get that very elusive job of harvesting crops from another farm. The Marketplace is literally like a real market because you can see many people begging (Online read as: Shouting) for job. Those farmers looking for job have different gimmicks..You would read many tactics like:

“Have 5 year old kid who has not eaten anything and now is very hungry. Pls hire me so I can have coins”

” Need to buy a house, please Hire me”

” No job is too small or too big.. I can do any kind of harvest”

“Hire me! Hire me!”

“I got sun burned waiting for a job here in the marketplace. Pls hire me”

Some more funny pick-up lines with naughty undertones…

“I am hardworking. Can do any job”

“Cropstitute for hire”

Of course it is in the Marketplace where you can sell your harvested crops or gifts received from Farm Town friends.
The Inn is like the watering hole for all Farm Town addicts. The mood here is lighter with many people trying to fool around and relax. The Realty Office on the other hand  is where you can buy lots to upgrade your Farm size.


Talking about being a Farm Town addict, I was able to influence many people to try this application and true enough, all of them got addicted as well. The Farm Town virus is spreading as fast as A H1n1 the reason why sometimes the connection is very slow for this application.

As for my Farm, I am very proud to show you my Online Masterpiece which took me about 2 weeks to reach level 26 and have the biggest Farm size available in that game. I spent many days sleeping very late at night and waking up early in the morning to take care of my crops so it will not get dry or go to waste..I believe all Farm Town addict share the same feeling and is doing the same thing. I even saw one shout out of my Facebook friend saying it is already giving her low blood pressure and insomnia but she is still doing it for the sake of fun. Ha ha ha! My level continues to rise because of constant hardwork. I plan to buy a small pond and many other accessories to make my Farm have a resort-like feeling.

If you have time, pls. visit my Farm soon. You’ll not get lost cos the name is very easy to understand..my farm is called “Farm”.  😛


You will find below some links from fellow bloggers about their fondness of this Application. Farm Town Fever is really here!