How to make blog visible

I’ve started my blog less than 1 month and I got very excited everytime I view my Blog Stats and see the consistent improvement in my blog views as well as comments or link backs from people I don’t know but in one way or the other find my blog quite interesting. or worth reading.

Now that I consider my blogging as a real and worth-while hobby, I am deeply concerned how to make by Blog site visible so people can get to read my posts, make comments and exchange opinions. Of course I have to search good old Mr. Google on tips how to make my blog visible. I found some very interesting posts so I am sharing it here as well:

First, join blog communities or blog directories such as Technorati, and the like. This will make your blog more visible to bloggers and people fond of reading blogs, plus you get the chance to interact with bloggers all over the world.

Of course, you can exchange links to build traffic. Blogs with similar topics or concepts such as your blog can be linked into your site by adding them in your blogroll. Then your traffic can improve if these blogs will add you in their blogroll as well.

Apart from these, SEO is the fastest way to improve your blog’s web presence. Since SEO is paid endeavour, expect your blog’s visibility to improve a lot better depending on your budget and how good the SEO company you hired for your blog’s optimization is.

As for me, I am a junior blogger so I am not in a hurry. With interesting and relevant topics that I plan to post in the future, I am sure I can get reasonable hits in my blog pretty soon!