The True Meaning of LIFE.

It has been more than a year that I never updated my blog. I rarely open my WordPress Account these days.

Seems I’m so busy lately and that I perceived life as still Goin’ Bananas…Definitely NOT!

I can proudly say that now I have LIFE.

A life that this world did not give but a life that was REDEEMED by JESUS CHRIST.

Yes, you read it right. I’m now living my life for JESUS.

If there is any life worth living, it’s the life living for the ONE, TRUE and LIVING GOD.

I used to believe I am a nobody. I am unloved and unworthy. A nerdy-looking guy living a mediocre life.

But God said: I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made. (Psalm 139:14)

I used to believe life is full of uncertainties and that you have to live your life day by day because you are not sure about tomorrow.

But God said: For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah29:11)

I used to spell success as working so hard, making a lot of money and that rest and relaxation means living in a nice, comfortable house, dining and drinking in fine restaurants or bars or staying in fine hotels.

But God reminded me: For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul? (Matthew 16:26)

Now I clearly understood that Life is more than what I see or feel.

Life is all about knowing and loving JESUS and living it according to His will and Purpose.

I never felt more at peace than what I am feeling now. Troubles or problems may come, but I have peace and joy in my heart. For I have the peace of God. (John 14:27)

I will never feel alone and empty. For I have a Heavenly Father who loves me so much and will never leave me nor forsake me.
He wants to give me His full inheritance through Jesus Christ.

He loves me and forgave me of my sins. He has forgotten my past and even saved me from eternal destruction.
I am a new creation in His eyes. (2 Cor. 5:17)

And the good news is, He doesn’t show any favoritism. Yes, I am special in His eyes. And so are you!

His love and mercy is for the whole world. For those willing to accept Him. (John 3:16)

He is giving it to you. Receive Jesus in your life and your life will never be the same again- 100% GUARANTEED.

God bless all of you!


I was definitely looking for a bigger and better 2011.  I want to start on a clean slate so few days before year 2010 ends, I decided to greet and write long lost friends and try to make peace and say sorry to those I may have hurt.

I started by sending a private message in Facebook to a friend whom I had not been in contact for a year due to some misunderstanding. I said my New Year greeting and wished her the best. I didn’t get a reply back which is ok cos I never expected it anyway but at least I’ve done my part.

Last week, when I went to church I saw another former friend which is in the same circle as the first friend I mentioned. After the mass, I approached her and greeted her. We hugged each other inside the church, she said I am slimmer and look better now than the last time she saw me (obviously because during those times, we always have big eating day…I mean really BIG eating sessions!). I felt light after that brief encounter and had already forgotten what happened in the past.

Lastly, I wrote a letter just before New Year to someone who has been very special to me for many many years. Though we had not been talking for quite a long time (over a year)– since we have many common friends, I usually get news about her from them.

The last time I saw her was May last year when I went back home.  We had dinner and talked. Though the outcome was not as what I had expected, at the back of my mind there was still a little hope of making things better in the future..though I don’t know how long it will take for that future to happen, I still wished silently.

Then the letter…

I got a reply few days after. Upon reading it, I was sent back to the present. I realized I was already living in the future I wished for but it was not reality. The reality is that she decided to give herself a break, moved on with life…without me..

Everyone deserves to be happy…To choose the life they want…In my desire to have a positive outlook in life this year, I was able to encounter what I was trying to avoid. Truth hurts but I have to face it.

Sometimes when someone is broken, we have to experience it and be broken as well so we could piece ourselves together…I just hope I could find the magic glue for myself soon..

Life is like a hot chicken soup

Ideas really come unexpectedly. I was thinking for sometime now what topic I must write in my next blog post. I have not written for quite sometime and I want my post to be good. Anyway, no pressure so I just let it be..

For dinner tonight, I cooked “Tinolang Manok”, a tasty chicken soup with green papaya and chilli leaves (unfortunately despite chilli being a staple ingredient of Thai cookery, I cannot find any chilli leaves being sold in the market). I served dinner for myself around 8pm.

I have not eaten Tinola for quite sometime now so I was actually craving for it that’s why I decided to cook it. I was so hungry and the soup is still very hot as I just removed it from fire. First few bites, I tried using spoon and fork to eat.

However, being a Filipino wherein when at home the best way to eat your favorite dish is to use your bare hands I tried hard to eat the food in my plate at all cost.  The more I tried to grab a piece of chicken or papaya the more I feel a somewhat burning sensation.

Then I realized, life is like eating the hot Tinola Soup. The chicken parts or papaya are like us humans. It is put on fire to cook. We are also put into fire (problems or adversities) so we can be better individuals. Soup are seasoned to suit the diner’s taste buds. The cook keeps on adding fish sauce, water or other seasoning to make it perfect.  In life, we also experienced something that makes it more memorable- from being in love, to being promoted at work, winning the lottery or just finding the right pair of shoes that’s on sale.

Once the soup is cooked, we remove it from the fire and serve it on the table. I compare it as our preparation for building our own lives such as studying hard, molding our character through our family, friends and loved ones. Once we are ready to face the world, we take the leap of life and let others know what we are made of.

If we sip the soup while it is hot, our tongue will be scalded. Same thing for life, if we are not yet ready, many will seize the opportunity to pull us down or bring us close to danger or worse become the instrument for our failure.

But if we wait a bit and make the soup’s temperature just perfect, we can enjoy a good meal. As for life, if we wait for the right opportunity, then we reap the rewards of life.

I really hope life is as easy as preparing Tinola and eating it to our heart’s content. As they say, well…that’s life.

Putting up the pieces together

Last night, I invited 2 of my friends to have dinner at my house cos I cooked Caldereta, a sumptuous beef recipe with thick sauce made from tomatoes and some carrots and potatoes. I bought some fried chicken as well to combine with this dish. After dinner, on a regular hang-out session, either we watch some DVD movie, eat some more, have a bit of drinking session or rent a computer altogether and play endless Facebook Apps.

Last night was different. Since I bought some puzzles in a local fair near my place, I encouraged them to help me build the puzzle pieces together. The picture is that of various Coke bottles and cans which I’ve posted here. Finally, after 3 hours of struggling to make all ends meet, we are able to create a masterpiece!

Life is like puzzle pieces. Sometimes, it is difficult to find the right match. You keep on searching where you will fit in. Be it about job, friendship, relationship or even personal satisfaction. At the end, we can find where we belong.

However, building a life is not as easy as making the puzzle. Sometimes, no matter how hard we tried to fit in, we really cannot push ourselves to be in that group, place  or situation. I just wish there is a formula that can build a good life in 3 hours time…

On a positive note, as we are looking forward to a new year in a few hours time, let us put the broken pieces together again. What we can repair let us try to fix for once. Let us leave all the bad memories of this year be left behind.

Personally, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs this 2009. I’ve gained some and along the way, I lost some as well. I’m wishing I can look forward to a better year ahead.

May all of us have a blessed and bountiful New Year! Be safe while we celebrate the coming year.

God bless us all!

How far can you go?

Fast Lane


You are inside your car in a 6-lane avenue..The light is not green  but there are only few cars in sight. You have a choice, you can step on the accelerator and go full speed ahead or you can wait for the green light before you move..the next question is, if you decided to move, how far can you go?

If we are at the crossroads of our lives, should we turn to the left or right? Go straight or make a U-Turn?

Many people fail because they just go full speed without looking ahead only to realize they are heading into a very steep crevasse. On the other hand, there are some who have not reached the direction they should be, out of fear of being lost.

Life is like driving. In driving, there are bumps, rough or slippery roads and there are also times it is a breeze. Life is full of events and surprises, problems and excitement. In driving, we may not be able to see what’s in front of us unless we turn on a bright head light..Life will definitely be better if we have a bright disposition as well as a clear mind and a happy heart.

Driving is prone to accidents and mishaps and so is life. There are many risks we have to take almost everyday. Yet, despite all these risks– it is still good to enjoy living in this world.

When we are ready to step on the “Gas of Life”, are we taking an extra mile? Are we going farther than what our eyes can see? farther than what our ears can hear? farther than what our body can feel?

It’s ok to take the race of our life as long as in the end, we reach the Finish line.

Knowing one’s worth…

I was watching minutes ago the interview of Kris Aquino after she went back to her entertainment show..she was crying her heart out (again!) because she is missing her mom- the late Former President Cory Aquino. She wept even with a plain mobile phone bill which is the phone line of her mom. Cutting it means literally she will not be able to talk to her mom was really a sad scene and I can feel the deep sorrow she have inside.

As I ponder deeper, I realized that you will really know someone or something’s worth if they/it is/are no longer with you or are apart from you…however I believe, it is essential for us to move on even if we lose someone or something so that we can grow.

Oftentimes, we take our loved ones for granted. We regret the fact that we have not shown them the love or attention they deserve but sadly, we realize it when it is already too late..cos they are gone.

I should have….
What if…
I should have…
What if…’s too late…

Q&A with Kiko Matching

I was trying to catch up with my former colleague through a Yahoo conversation and interestingly, our usual conversation of nonsense and joking around went to Q&A of various points of view, outlook in life and the like. The Q&A is actually brain stimulating and thought provoking..some questions I had not thought of or avoid thinking..Here are some excerpts…note that I am answering the questions like I was being interviewed..

Q: What age do you want to die?
A: hmm.. there’s no specific age i want to die..i can die anytime if i serve my purpose

Q: Are you afraid to die?
A: I dunno..have not thought about it.

Q: Do you have any regrets in life?
A: Regrets…none but there are some what if’s…

Q: Do you have a lot of friends?
A: Yes, I do. I’m friendly kasi…lol.

Q: Nagtatanim ka ba ng galit?
A: So far wala naman ako nakagalit na tinanim ko tlaga even up to now.

Q: I mean do you forgive and forget or indi?
A: Forgiving is one thing, forgetting is another.

Q: What are you afraid of?
A: I’m afraid of rejection…I’m afraid of heights..hehehe..I’m afraid to grow old alone, penniless and sickly..

Q: Do you think you are a good person?
A: Yes..I am a good boy by normal standards…lol.

Q: Do you think someone hates you?
A: Yes, maybe. But I dont care if people hate me as long as my conscience is clear

Q: Are you ambitious?
A: Yes, I am and I’m working hard for it..

Q: If there is one talent that you would like to have, what would it be?
A: I want to be a good singer..I mean when you sing, someone will be insipired, will fall in love..will forget problems.

Q: If there is someone (popular personality) that you would rather be, who would it be?
A: Hmm..a difficult question..but I’d rather be Brad Pitt…lol.

Ah ok..well if you dream of something, dream BIG! Ha ha ha!

Q: Are you conscious of how you look?
A: Yes, I am..I want to feel good..I want to look good. I want them to say…damn, that man is HOT! LOL.
Looking good is an investment. I regret not going to fitness at an earlier stage..mas mahirap mag maintain..

Q: Ano pa kulang sa iyo?
A: Kung material things madami..kung hindi..well ang kulang sa akin is my own family..