Manny Pacquaio ruled em’ all…

Manny Pacquiao defeats Miguel Cotto (AP Photo by Mark J. Terrill)


Today, November 15, 2009- Manny Pacquiao made history by capturing his 7th world title belt in 7 different weight division in a very exciting if not nerve-wracking 12 round match vs. Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico in MGM Grand Arean, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquaio’s sheer speed and determination is his best defense against Cotto whom Manny acknowledged to be a tough boxer. Referee Kenny Bayless stopped the fight 55 seconds of the 12th round which many observers think should have been stopped earlier.

Cotto admitted that he fought hard but Manny is one of the best of all time.

In the Philippines, everyone is in euphoria upon learning of Manny’s victory. Many Filipinos in every corners of the world called their family back home to bring the good news, me included. It was really not a surprise but such a disappointment to hear and to learn that in most part of the world they know the result of the fight already because of live telecasts in their country or through the internet but many Filipinos who only rely on local TV, they heard about it or are able to watch the fight the last because of the very very late telecast of GMA-7 due to tons of commercial gaps. Talk about commercialism to the max!

Because of the win, everyone expects Pacquiao to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Of course, it is inevitable as their match-up is long overdue. Even Manny’s trainer-coach, Freddie Roach said,  since the whole world wants to see Manny fight Mayweather it is..

The fight will add minimum USD 13 million (approx. PHP 607 million) to Pacquiao’s purse while Cotto reportedly gets USD 7 million (approx. PHP 326 million).  More importantly, I hope the win will bring Manny a bit more respect from the boxing world cos even how hard he tries to prove he is a great athlete, still many boxers are trying to belittle him or still considers all his victory caused by sheer luck.

Once again, Manny was able to literally stop the Philippines for a day where many people decided to stay at home and glue themselves in front of the Television. For sure crime rate will almost be zero as what past Pacquiao fights proved to be– “an instant crime buster” that is.

I’m sure Mommy Dionesia prayed hard and called all the Saints for help before and during the fight as well as danced joyfully upon seeing her son dominate his Puerto Rican opponent..

Indeed Manny ruled em’ all.

Aling Dionesia Pacquiao: The Legend

Manny Pacquiao reportedly won PHP 577 million guaranteed purse excluding the pay per view receipts, etc and a lot of media mileage because of the spectacular 2nd round victory over Ricky “Hitman” Hatton in Las Vegas, Nevada. But if there is one person who got the same exposure as Manny, it is her now famous mom, Aling Dionesia Pacquiao more popularly known as “Mommy Dionesia”.

Mommy Dionesia

Nowadays, she is sporting designer clothes and accessories from Louis Vuitton Bags, Chanel Eyewears and other expensive clothing lines. When she walks to the mall, many people try to follow her and ask for a signature or take some pictures. Seems she is bound to be the next promising star! She now comfortably wave to her so-called “fans” or gladly oblige to a request for a sample of her dancing steps.

At her age, she may not imagined that she can be a popular figure. However, having a son named Manny Pacquiao, fame is inevitable. I will not be surprised if she will be casted in Darna fantaserye GMA Network is brewing soon.

Only thing is that I can sense she has the makings of another Madame Auring, Keanna Reeves or even Mahal (all of which are considered peculiar by many people).  Seems like her ways and new lifestyle solicit laughter as it tend to be more comedic than amusing. I find nothing wrong with the public attention she is trying to get recently however, I feel that at her age, she should have a more refined or classic aura.

At any rate, Mommy Dionesia is now having the time of her life…  Mommy Dionesia is definitely a name to reckon with at this time and who knows will be a legend in her own rights soon.