Seems politics is everywhere….

Everyone is into politics. Either you are considered the “Politician” or just a plain “constituent”. Politics is a dirty arena. Many try to bite each other, build alliances or destroy a person. Politics is the community, workplace, congregation, academe and sometimes even at home.

Politicking involves gaining or destroying power, fruition or pitfall of dreams and aspirations and making or breaking relationships. Many “Politicos” would try to gain influence so they can have greater power for their own interests while the poor “constituents” suffer. Many “Politicos” would appear to be suave, well-mannered and kind. Once the “poor constituents” bite into this scheme, they fall in a bottomless pit. Getting into politics means “survival of the fittest”. If you are strong enough, you can carry on. If you are a weakling there are only two options for you to consider: be persuaded or dissuaded.

Everyone has been into politics..a lot would love to be in politics while some needs an escape. As for me, I had enough of politics but I will never be swayed.