Manny Pacquiao ruled ’em all again…

Yesterday is V day for Manny Pacquiao and the Filipinos all over the world.  For 8th time, he is a world champion ruling 8 different weight division by defeating Mexican, Antonio Margarito in 12 rounds via a unanimous decision in a spectacular fight amidst a full packed crowd in the Cowboys Stadium.

By body statistics, Margarito seems to be on the advantage. He stands 5’11 against Manny who is only 5’6. Margarito weighs 150 lbs on the last weigh in a day before the fight while Pacquiao is only 144.6 lbs. Margarito has a wider reach at 73″ vs. Pacquiao at 67″.

However, in terms of speed and agility, Pacquiao is definitely the better fighter as he literally danced his way in the ring to avoid Margarito cornering him except in one round wherein Pacquiao said he was hit on the  side of his body by Margarito when he was cornered on the ropes.

The cameras clearly see the battered face of the Mexican fighters. Many analyst believed the match should’ve been stopped since Round 10.  Pacquiao acknowledged that Margarito is a very determined and durable fighter and did not quit until the last round.

For this fight, Pacquiao is reportedly taking home a big purse within the range of USD 20 Million (including pay per view sales) or over 800 million pesos. Deducting taxes or whatever necessary dues, his take home pay is still a huge sum of money which most of us will not earn in a lifetime. Whew!

Above it all, Manny is taking home the pride and honor of once again putting the Philippines at the top of the world with his latest success in Boxing and this makes him the most popular Filipino nowadays and is well-loved and idolized by millions of fans.

We’re not sure how long Manny could still be able to cope with the very demanding task of defending his crown and how many more fighters he is willing to face. I guess Manny need not prove more cos he already proved to be one of the best if not the best Filipino boxer of all time.

Otherwise, we could see Mommy Dionesia more often fainting due to nervousness watching each of Manny’s fight which is also not a good idea.

Manny, Congratulations and keep it up! The Filipino people are all proud of you.