Marge Simpson in the cover of Playboy

Marge Simpson in Playboy

Move over all sexy Playboy bunnies…the throne for November’s Playboy Magazine cover belongs to a lady, every inch a celebrity, a Mom of 3 and a wife of Homie..She is no other than Marge Simpson..

Whoa, a cartoon character in the front cover of the hugely popular Playboy Mag? Am I seeing things incorrectly? Marge is actually making history as the first ever cartoon character to be feted as such in the Publication’s History.

Surely Hugh Hefner, the Playboy owner sees opportunity in this somewhat comical way of selecting the featured model for their mag. For one, “The Simpsons” dubbed as America’s most popular disfunctional family is celebrating its 20’th Anniversary and being a Simpsons fan, Hugh (who also appeared in an episode of the cartoon in the 90’s) probably viewed this as his own way of giving tribute to The Simpsons’s success.

This move would also strengthen their direction to tap more of the 20-something crowd since the Cartoon would definitely appeal to this age-group.

What I am very interested is to see the various poses or interview of Marge in the magazine’s inside pages and to know how creative the people of Playboy can get. Surely, this issue would be a collector’s item of sort.

I will not be surprised to hear that FHM is negotiating for Lisa Simpson’s appearance in their mag once she comes of age or Homer will be featured in an instructional video on how to lose belly fat. Now, that would be more interesting since his waistline has been as big as Central Park ever since we saw them in the Boob tube.

What about Sponge Bob in GQ Magazine? Seems not only the climate is going crazy these days..LOL.