Separated at birth?

Having been staying in Thailand for 1 year and 6 months, I have observed that there are many similarities between Filipinos and Thai probably because both countries are in South East Asian region be it in terms of culture and traditions, way of life and physical features…as for the physical aspects maybe its because there are also many Chinese or Caucasian looking people in both countries due to interracial marriages or migration.

Below are some of the popular celebrities in Philippines and Thailand which has a lot of similar physical be the judge who is better looking…

First picture  is popular singer-actress-model KC Concepcion while the next picture  is model, actress Sonia Couling. Interestingly, both are former MTV VJ’s.

Picture on the left is hugely popular Pinoy actor, Piolo Pascual who has been a household name for many years. On the right is Laotian-Australian but Bangkok born actor, Ananda Everingham who became immensely popular with the hit horror movie “Shutter”.

Maybe not too many people will agree with me about these 3rd match-up. First picture is actor-model John Estrada and second picture is model and former MTV VJ Utt (sorry forgot his last name). I see very striking resemblance between the two especially during Estrada’s younger days.

So there…not sure if there are many more Pinoy-Thai celebrity look alikes out there cos I don’t know too many celebrities in Thailand.