Invisible Man

I was amused by the article I read in Yahoo News about a Chinese man camouflaging himself against various backdrop which made people tag him as the Invisible Man.

This time, Liu Bolin, a 38 year old artist who traveled the whole world disguising himself in many different surroundings decided to hide himself  by putting paint around his body similar to that of a supermarket shelf.

I just wonder how the buyers would react if they are trying to grab something from the shelf but in fact they are grabbing a human being. Sounds a bit eerie.

His latest artwork is actually not just a publicity stunt but he is trying to make a statement in expressing his speechlessness in using Plasticizer in food additives. There were food scare in some parts of the world about plasticizer being used in food additives and supplements which raises concerns from various groups. Good cause isn’t it?

Here are some of the pictures of Invisible Man. Really amazing.


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